Maya Angelou: A Poet and Hero to Remember

Maya Angelou is a woman I admire for so many reasons. She wrote amazing poetry, for one. She also spoke her mind intelligently as a civil rights activist and refused to be held down as a woman. This African American woman has been a personal literary hero of sorts for many years now, as part of a select group of authors I look up to. She spoke and wrote words that made me stop and ponder about life, as well as helping me to realize that female poets can achieve so much.

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Weekly Inspiration Roundup, Volume 29

Welcome to the weekend! I hope yours is going well. I was in the hot tub yesterday and it was lovely to relax there. It’s soggy weather lately here in Victoria. What have you been up to lately? As for writing, I know you’re all getting your blogging on and here are a few of the great posts I’ve had the pleasure of reading over the past week 🙂

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Weekly Inspiration Roundup, Vol. 27

It’s Friday, and if you’re feeling inspired creatively then you’re not alone! Sometimes just knowing the weekend is around the corner can give us a bit of extra energy to walk deeper into imagination land. May your writing be all you want it to be!

This week has been full of inspiring blog posts, including one on gratitude for family time, what it means to show support, and a celebration of a 4 year blogging anniversary. Let’s get to it 🙂

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