Weekly Inspiration Roundup, Vol. 19

We’re almost at the big 2-0! How would you like to celebrate next Friday when we reach that amazing number? Should we have a cake? Maybe watch the movie Pretty in Pink? Lots to consider 😉 In the meantime, let’s celebrate your great writing this week. Here are some of the inspirational blog posts that caught my eye.

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Weekly Inspiration Roundup, Vol. 18

Another great week of writing is closing in on us and with it comes the weekly inspiration roundup! I am blessed to be able to read the wonderful blog posts you all publish. I also am thankful for those people who come here to read this blog o’ mine. Now, onto the inspiring blog posts of the week:

Maya Angelou’s Wisdom

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings is a beautiful poem by Maya Angelou. In today’s world, this poem is more relevant than ever, so I’m glad to see it shining brightly on the Sarcastic Beauty Queen blog. I encourage you to head over there to read it in full, if you have not ever done so, as the birds Maya writes about are not really birds; they are metaphors for social inequalities and, unfortunately, remind us that not everyone has freedom.

Embracing motivational writing

Cheers to your inspiring blog posts! Image via Pixabay (CC0).

Love Yourself

Rather than looking for love from another person, start with loving yourself. Sometimes we lose ourselves, which the blog called It Gets Better Mental Health discusses in the inspiring blog post Learning To Love Yourself. The words, “I based my sense of self worth, on whether or not my partner loved, and wanted me” were ones I could relate to from a past relationship, and it’s not a way that I want to feel again. This is a good read about achieving self-love and the importance of it!

Getting More Blog Readers

If you’re publishing blog posts, but no one seems to be reading them then you might just want to head over to The Nerdy Lion for Why no one is reading your blog – Part 1. There are great tips in this post for getting more eyes on your content and it’s also a witty write that gave me a few chuckles. There’s always something to improve on in blogging, whether you’re a beginner or more seasoned, so I wanted to share it here.

Expressing Gratitude

Not only does Richa Pandey publish thoughtful posts but she is also a very friendly blogger who makes a point to leave comments on other peoples’ posts that show she’s really reading what we write online. Her post Gratitude – A Magic is lovely as it speaks to recognizing what we have to be thankful for in our lives. She explains that one reason why gratitude is magical is that expressing it can bring a smile to someone else’s face.

Life Lessons

Old house in the Shires is a blog that offers very useful parenting tips, among other types of posts. This week’s inspirational write Life lessons for my daughter as she approaches adulthood is chocked full of advice that many of us women which we had received going into the adult phase. The lessons are broken up into three categories: “the good,” “the bad,” and “the ugly.” I’ll let you read it for yourself but it is very touching, and I nodded through much of the read.

Workplace Conflict

Let’s face it – the office isn’t always as peaceful as we’d like it to be. Sometimes there are workplace conflicts, which Chelsea Workman writes about on the Human Resource Wellness blog. The stats in this blog post are eye-opening, including that almost half of these work-centered conflicts are due to clashes in personality and ego. Advice for overcoming workplace conflict forms the second half of this post and may be useful to you.

Decisions, Set to Poetry

As you’re coming to decisions, you might write a few down after tossing them around in your head for a while. Maybe they’ll turn into an inspiring poem like I decided today that…  on the Memories of a Loving Mom blog. It is so genuine, including the line, “I will try to be the better version of myself that my children make me want to be.” We are all striving to be the best we can be, and we all make mistakes along the way. Let’s just keep trying.

Remembrance Day

As Remembrance Day is tomorrow here in Canada – the US calls it Veteran’s Day – I wanted to include it here in the roundup. Thank you to all who have and continue to serve their countries ♥ Thank you too to all who have written about this important day, including Stevie Turner, who showed us a beautiful church in the UK that commemorates Remembrance Day. The photos and write-up combine for a very touching tribute.

Weekly Inspiration Roundup, Vol. 17

It’s Friday and you know what that means here: It’s time for the weekly roundup of inspirational blog posts! I delight in finding a range of posts from all of you to include in this weekly feature. Thank you as always for your high-quality writing and for putting yourself out there with your creativity, knowledge, opinions, and memories. I value you all!

Fall is Fabulous

I’ll be honest. Fall’s beauty has usually been lost on me. I’m a total summer lover! This year, though, I’ve enjoyed watching the leaves turn and begun to see why some many of you enjoy the autumn season. When I read Why I Love Fall by Amy Caudill, I learned a bit more about the treasures of this particular time of year. In such uncertain times as those that our world faces right now, let’s enjoy the beauty of nature.

If You Could Write a Letter…

If you could tell your younger self anything – impart some wisdom – what would you say? In Letter to my Younger Self, Becca at That Curly Girl blog writes a letter to herself at a younger age to try to explain what is to come and the wisdom to grasp from it. This is Becca’s way of looking back and also offering wise words for readers, including “You will get good people, bad and the ugly ones. Know who to choose.”

On Managing Diabetes

At Aiming Flamingo, I learned this week that when you do your workouts is just as important as the type of exercise you do when it comes to controlling Type 2 Diabetes. Yes, exercise timing matters. Find out when it’s most recommended that you exercise. While you’re over at the blog, take a look around at other health-related posts to see what else might be of interest to you in achieving better mental and physical health.

Embracing motivational writing

Cheers to your inspiring blog posts! Image via Pixabay (CC0).

Invisible Illness Issue

“You don’t look sick” is something you may have heard at some point in time if you have a mental health condition. Depression and anxiety are two kinds of invisible illnesses in which you can look amazing but feel like you’re on death’s door. Mackenzie does an amazing job in her inspiring blog post at Life with an Illness of explaining this disparity to loved ones and caregivers of those who have invisible illnesses.

Necessities when Feeding Baby

Ah, parenting. There ought to be a manual! If such a book did exist, this Baby Food Favorites blog post at Chasing Jameson would surely be in it. This blogger kindly shares everything she relies on to feed baby Jameson throughout the week, from which storage containers are best to recommendations for highchairs and bibs. Judging from the many comments left by readers, this blog post has tips that many parents are looking for. So, I want to share it to a wider audience by including it in the weekly roundup.

All About Head Injuries

If you regularly read Madelyn Griffith-Haynie’s ADD and So Much MORE blog (I do!), then you know she writes posts that are well-researched and insightful. This one on head injuries explains the alarming effects of hits to the brain, particularly on attention and focus. While the types of injuries can vary, the consistent point here is that it is a big issue. Brain damage from head injuries can lead to attention struggles, for example, and Madelyn highlights common symptoms and manifestations of this in her post.

Halloween, Now and Then

Of course, earlier this week was Halloween, so I have to include a blog post on it! Over at His Perfect Timing, you can read about the history of this special day in October, as well as reading this blogger’s words about her own Halloween experiences then and now. She describes her fall tradition of spending time with those she cares about at home and church on Halloween and includes some fun videos in honor of the spooky day.

Divorce Support Party

Author and blogger D.G. Kaye put together a fascinating interview this week at D.G. Kaye Writer. She interviews Lisa Thomson, who you may know from the blog titled The Great Escape Divorce Support at Lisa Thomson Live. Lisa writes primarily about relationship issues, such as divorce, with a focus on helping women. The questions that D.G. asks her lead to some great discoveries, including what inspired her to write her books and more about navigating a healthy divorce. I love supporting intelligent women who help others so this is a must-share inspirational blog post.