When a Song Inspires You

I like this music video and the song is upbeat so… It inspired me and this blog post was the result.

The song “Paper Heart” by Tyler Ward is about chasing dreams.  Ward is an American musician who writes and sings independently. Take a listen…

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Taking Inspiration From Women Who’ve Made It To The Top

Who do you look up to? What aspirations do you have? If you have goals, you may face a challenging road ahead, but nothing should hold you back. In the past, women have struggled to get to the top, but times are changing, and the leading lights in this infographic show us that anything is possible. If you need motivation or a push in the right direction, taking inspiration from women who have hit their targets is a wonderful place to start.

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Intention vs. Attention

I have been following Laurie Buchanan’s Tuesdays with Laurie blog for some time now and consistently revel in the insights she shares and conversations she generates in the comments sections of her posts. Laurie is a renowned blogger, author, and life coach so when she recently shared about a podcast she had done, I immediately went to listen to it. I was struck in particular by her words about the differences between intention and attention. When I asked her to guest post on this subject to flesh out the points more, she kindly agreed. Below is Laurie’s inspirational guest blog post.

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