Is Looking Back Helpful?

Highway 2 from a rearview mirror

Looking back: Is it helpful?

Do you ever look back at past events in your life and ponder them, perhaps for a minute, an hour or longer? I know that I do so, and I didn’t think┬ánegatively of that activity until I┬áread these lines on Twitter the other day:

You’re on the right track when you become uninterested in looking back.

Firstly, my apologies that I didn’t write down the name of the Twitter user who shared that line on the social network. I wrote the words on a scrap piece of paper and have been mulling over the line ever since then.

Here’s what struck me about the words. I don’t necessarily agree with them. I mean, isn’t it all about HOW you look back on your life? If you are taking a look at what has happened and are learning from past mistakes, then it is a positive thing to be looking back, in my opinion. It is self-reflection, essentially. If, however, when you look back, you do so primarily with a goal to wallow in negativity and self-loathing, it is not a healthy thing to do. Doing so can take you to a darker place than you already may be in the present day.

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