The Healthy Heart Pocketbook

Keeping your heart as healthy as possible is an absolute must, both for how you feel in the present moment and how you feel in the future. Taking good care of your heart now is super important if you want to live a long and happy quality of life. This healthy heart pocketbook will help you to keep your heart as healthy as possible: Continue reading


Ticking Over: Lifestyle Tips to Maintain a Healthy Heart

Reduce the odds of heart disease developing

Caring for the body includes maintaining a healthy heart. Pixabay, Creative Commons.

Taking care of the body is a responsibility that we must all pay attention to on a daily basis. While the accountability should extend to every part of the body, there’s no question that the heart is one of the most important features.

A healthy heart provides the foundations for a far better life, and there are many ways to keep yours in great condition for many years to come. From repairing damage to preventing problems in later years, here are some simple tricks that will serve you well.   Continue reading