Craft Awakening (Guest Post)

Today, I welcome Jennifer Smith-Kirk to the blog to chat about how crafting – in particular, making cards – has elevated her life to a whole new level. I have known Jennifer for many years and love her positive spirit! Here she is, at the door. Do come in and join us.

Take it away, Jennifer:

A Crafty Woman to Admire

Meet Jennifer Smith-Kirk, Crafting Extraordinaire!

Hi Everyone!

Firstly a huge thank you to lovely Christy Birmingham for allowing me to write a guest post. A little about me, firstly my name is Jennifer Smith-Kirk, I am in my early 50’s, and through various circumstances I have found a hobby card-making that has become my passion.

I have some disabilities and was diagnosed with Pulmonary Sarcoidosis just over 10 years ago, Sarcoidosis in an autoimmune multi-system disease, which affects my eyes, joints and skin. I have overcome 2 major strokes & 2 mini strokes I was at the time in retail management with a large team of staff under me. I hung on to work mainly in denial until poor health took over, then I was no longer well enough to do my job.

I have had to learn to walk again twice and I am now left with right sided weakness and I walk either with a cane or a 3 wheel walker depending on how I am as it changes on a day to day basis.

I am married to a wonderful, patient caring man who is loved by my friends and family. He encourages me and on days that I want to disappear as I am quite often in pain he manages to lift me up.

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The New Year Brings New Possibilities

New Year has fireworks of hope

New Years Brings Fireworks and New Possibilities. Photo: Graham Crumb/ [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The New Year has such potential, doesn’t it? It is like when you start a new project or stage in your life, and you feel all of the opportunities that can appear ahead of you. I like to think that the New Year brings new possibilities.

Take Hold of the Excitement

For many people, the New Year comes with a sort of tingling sensation of what may happen during the year. Perhaps you will meet that special someone, take charge of your health, change jobs or go on the trip you’ve been dreaming of taking. Speaking of taking, take hold of that excitement you feel within you and direct it toward a purpose. MAKE this New Year a great one ahead.

The Role of Intention

Use the role of intention to create an amazing New Year! That means that while you could sit back and wait for the possibilities to find you, another option is to go out and find those possibilities yourself. You have the power to do so! If you are positive in spirit and mind, for example, you will be more motivated to seek out opportunities that align with that uplifting energy.

Street Iron Clock in a New Year

Street Iron Work Clock. Time Ticks Away; Life is Short. Photo: Public Domain Images by Jon Sullivan

Why Wait?

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What is Your Story of the Christmas Season?

Merry Christmas to you

Sharing Positive Stories of the Christmas Season. Photo: Bobby, CC BY 2.0, via Flickr.

Are you taking stock of the Christmas season, collecting in your mind the stories that are happening all around you? Or are the days whizzing by and you feel you barely have time to breathe? I hope you are taking time to relax and let some happy Christmas stories sink into your souls.

Being Grateful

Sometimes I will stop, in the middle of the day, and just think about all that I have to be grateful for in life. It might be a friend’s email, an unexpected Christmas card in the mail or the smile of a stranger as I was running an errand. It can be a life-changing event or a smaller one.

I think that I am able to tune into appreciating the smaller things because I have been in some deep valleys. Now that I am on level ground, I can deal with downtimes and know that my stability will never let me get to such low depths as in the past. There is comfort in that feeling of strong health. Plus, seeing deep downs helps me to appreciate positive moments so much now.

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