7 Health Benefits of Indoor Gardening

Do you have a green thumb but no outdoor garden? Or, maybe you want to try a new and healthy hobby? If so, you’re likely to enjoy this guest post on the health benefits of indoor gardening. This is the second post here from Dave Landry Jr., who you may remember from his words on Women and Wages last year. Welcome back, Dave! Let’s give him the blogging floor now:


Gardening is good for your health

Growing indoor plants may become your new hobby! Photo via Pexels.

Some of us don’t have the space outdoors to create a garden, but maybe we still want to grow our favorite plants or flowers. Even if you don’t have a spacious backyard to plant that dream garden, you can take the floral finesse indoors!

Creating an indoor garden, however, might limit you to plant or floral choices. Not every variety can be grown indoors successfully. There are many hearty plants that can thrive inside your home, though. Check out your local nursery and talk to an expert about the plants they would recommend for in-home decorating and gardening.

Once you’ve discovered the varieties of plants and flowers that will survive and thrive inside your home, it’s time to think about how to arrange your indoor oasis. Here are some suggestions for taking the greenery indoors:

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Mental Health Awareness Month: Spotlight on 3 Bloggers

May is Mental Health Month in the U.S., and although I’m in Canada, I still appreciate the campaign and want to blog about it. I no longer shy away from the subject of mental health like I did when I first was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. That was almost 8 years ago now. Since then I have researched about the conditions to both empower myself and help show others how they can do the same. Also, I’ve found a community of other bloggers and people in real life who also have their mental health struggles. I hope we can help one another to get through those tougher days.

While I follow many mental health bloggers, here are a few I want to highlight in this post in commemoration of Mental Health Awareness Month. I encourage you to follow them too.

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Wonderful Things Happen When You Take Care Of Your Back

We have a tendency to neglect the back. Many of us spend a lot of time on our faces, making sure that our skin is well nourished to give us that youthful glow and keep wrinkles at bay. We spend a fortune on makeup to highlight and accentuate the gifts that nature gave us and ensure that we have gorgeous glossy hair to complement the makeup just right. We make sure that we keep our weight under control so that we look great and feel confident, but we neglect one of the most important aspects of our appearance and overall health… Our spine. It’s time to get some backbone!

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Taking Care Of What’s Important: You

Women are often last on their list of priorities. You’ll probably help out family, friends, a boss, and colleagues daily before taking care of your own needs. Getting into the habit of putting yourself last is a surefire route to fatigue, stress, and an array of other health issues. To keep going at a fast pace, ensure that your own well-being comes first, much like the plane safety rules of putting your breathing mask on before putting one on your child. You can’t look after those who matter the most if you don’t take care of yourself first. So, now is the time to form great lifestyle and health habits that put you as the focal point, before others.

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Important Tips To Keep Cancer At Bay

We all know just how destructive cancer can be as an illness, and how important it is to make sure that you are keeping it at bay in your life, if possible. As it happens, there is plenty you can do to prevent and stop cancer from spreading, and it’s a good idea to make sure you live with these basic preventative measures in mind if you are serious about not getting cancer. While you can’t make it a sure thing, you might as well do whatever you can to try to keep it away. Let’s take a look at major things to consider to keep cancer at bay in your life.
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4 Steps to Creating a Healthier and Happier You

Life can be busy, and we can often neglect ourselves, leaving our health at the wayside. Whether you’re a working parent who puts your children’s’ needs first or you’re busy with your career and other commitments, the everyday things can and do often take over. So what can be done to make yourself and your health more of a priority?

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Make These Small Health Changes To Feel Fantastic

Are you struggling to feel fantastic every single day? There can be a few reasons for this. You don’t just have to accept it as your reality. Usually, a reason people feel low is down to their health and how they are treating their bodies. If you begin treating your body better, you should find that you feel incredible every day.

Wish you could feel fantastic most of the time? Read on to find out how.

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8 Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep

Our sleep needs vary quite a bit. For most of us, it’s around eight hours a night. You might find that you need more and don’t feel quite right after only eight hours, which is also totally normal. Or, you may have a rare genetic mutation which means that you only need six hours a night and can function perfectly well long-term.

Most of us can cope with a few small variations. The odd late night might leave you a little tired and grumpy or have not affect at all. As long as you go back to eight hours as soon as you can, it won’t do any harm. You might also find that you have the odd catch-up. After a busy week, a few sleepless nights or a heavy workout session you might find that you sleep for over ten hours in one night. As a one-off, this is also fine. It’s just your body’s way of telling you that a little extra rest is necessary and it’s taking the chance to catch up when it can. However, if this starts happening regularly for no clear reason and you struggle to open your eyes after a solid eight hours, you should see your GP as it might be a sign of an underlying health condition.

The many advantages of sleep

Are you getting enough Zs? Photo from David Mao at Unsplash.

So, sleep is important, and if you are struggling to get enough, it’s a good idea to try some home remedies like CBT for insomnia, warm drinks before bed, cutting caffeine and sugar later in the day or increasing your activity levels. But, why is sleep so important? What are the real benefits of a good night’s sleep? Spoiler alert, there’s probably a lot more to it than you think. Let’s look at eight of the benefits of a good night’s sleep.

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