Escape from the Labyrinth of My Mind (Guest Post)

When I recently finished the book Carrying All The Wounds In My Smile by Monica Pana, I knew I wanted to have her over to visit to chat about it more. This book deals with the subject of adolescence – as told by teenage Monica.

You can read my Goodreads review for my thoughts about it. Thankfully, Monica accepted the invite to guest post here and below are her intriguing thoughts in response to a question she is often asked:Why did she write Carrying All the Wounds In My Smile?

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Assessing the Self: Guest Post by… Me!

The self

Self and social interactions. How do they interact?

Today I’m over at James J. Cudney’s blog This Is My Truth Now to talk about the sense of self. In this guest post, which is part of his Author Alert series, I discuss social interactions and the sense of self – how they affect each other (it occurs both ways). I also explain more about my book Versions of the Self. I hope you stop by, if you have time. I am excited! Thanks again, James. I encourage you to follow his blog while you’re over there too.

Thoughts and Physical Health: Exploring the Connection

Today I’m over at the Professionals Health Connection blog to discuss the role of thoughts on physical health. Thank you to Joan for inviting me over to guest post! I recommend you hit the Follow button on her blog to receive regular posts about fitness, from targeted exercises to strength building.

In this guest post titled How Our Thoughts Affect Our Physical Health, I explore how a person’s mental state can affect physical health, for better or worse. The thought-body connection is an intriguing one, and I hope you find the read useful for you.

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