At What Point Do You Stop Trying To Be Strong? The Trappings Of Modern Mental Health

Have you been strong for too long as you battle anxiety and depression?

Being strong… But at what point do you say “enough is enough”? Pixabay photo (CC0).

The vast majority of us yearn for a stable life, where we can feel some sort of contentment. It seems that nowadays this feeling of satisfaction has been replaced by stress and anxiety. We feel pressures from every direction. How do we cope with this? We do our utmost to be strong. Strength is a noble quality, of course. But when stress, anxiety, and depression form a trifecta of pressure that is unbearable, at what point do we say “enough is enough,” and admit to ourselves that we need some help?

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Feeling Fatigued? 5 Common Causes

When you’ve got a busy schedule, the last thing you want to be feeling is fatigued. Perhaps you have a full-time job and a family to look after. It’s not easy to function when you’re constantly feeling tired. However, many people fail to notice the common reasons why fatigue may occur. Once you’ve narrowed the cause of your fatigue, it’s usually fairly simple to address with medical help and advice. Here are some of the most common causes of fatigue. Continue reading

Hope for a New Beginning (Guest Post)

It’s with great pleasure that I welcome Amber Newman of A Creative Newmie to the blog today. As she shares her heartfelt story below, I have no doubt that you will admire her strength, just as I do. Without further ado, here is Amber.

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First of all, I’m overjoyed to be a guest blogger for When Women Inspire. I find great satisfaction in reading motivational stories that make me strive to be a better individual, than I was the day before. Thank you Christy, for this opportunity to share my journey.

I recently turned twenty-six years old. Celebrating my birthdays each year are major accomplishments for me. Why? When I was only seven months old, I was diagnosed with a life threatening, progressive, lung disease called cystic fibrosis. By the time I reached my early teen years I had become extremely ill, dependent on oxygen, and in desperate need of a life-saving double lung transplant. Continue reading