Determining Your Personal-Professional Preference

She works but not in her dream job

How do you think about work? Are you taking into account your personality? Photo by Hiep Nguyen on Unsplash

It’s no secret that most people are unhappy with their work. A lot of jobs are a repetitive cycle of waking up, working hard, and going to sleep, causing life to lack a lot of its potential luster. Over 52 percent of people in the US alone are unhappy with the role they perform, and a lot of this is down to too much haste with one of their early life decisions: their career path. Modern schooling forces you to advance very quickly. It doesn’t give you the time to think about the role you want before you have to go out and get it. Instead, you have to give this sort of gift to yourself.

Of course, though, this is a lot easier said than done. Some people will spend decades looking for their dream job, never to find it or only to have their ambitions dashed. It doesn’t have to be this way, though. To help you out with this, this post will be changing the way you think about work. Instead of choosing a role you love the sound of, you will be exploring your personality and finding a field to match it, using your traits as a tool towards success. In the modern world, there isn’t a better way to find your path. Continue reading


A Tough Question: Is College Worth Your Time Later In Life?

Going to university later in life? Consider these points.

Is college worth it as an adult? A case can be made for and against getting this higher education. Pixabay photo, CC0.

A lot of us may feel that we missed out on a great education early in life and that it might be too late to start now. But, whatever your reasons for not embarking on a few years in college, it’s still worth asking the question, especially if you want to get into education later in life, if university is really worth your time? If your children have flown the nest, and you are trying to find another purpose in life, education may be able to fill that gap. But also a lot of people are now prone to changing careers halfway through their life. In this respect an education can be a great springboard to get you on the career ladder. So let’s examine if college is the key to a great start in professional life.

The Case For Getting An Education

Depending on your skill sets, acquiring a degree is a great start to get you acquainted with the industry you have aspirations towards. If you have been harboring dreams about a whole new career path, but have limited knowledge on it, the right degree will give you that essential background you need. A lot of degrees nowadays are also completed online such as on, which is fantastic if you want to complete a degree in your own time, and that way you don’t need to get the experience of college life if you don’t want to. Ultimately, getting an excellent education is something a lot of people feel they missed out on, so in this respect it’s something many people feel they have to do. Thankfully, due to the Internet, you can achieve that diploma from home, meaning that it doesn’t have to impact on your life the way a standard degree program would.

The Case Against Getting An Education

The big drawback for many people, and stops so many people thinking about getting a degree, is the cost. A lot of students all over the world now find they are struggling financially during university, and continue to struggle long after they have finished their degree. There are resources you can make the most of to help with debt such as, which gives plenty of information on the realities of being saddled with student debt. The other question a lot of people ask themselves now is, if they want to target a specific career ladder, do they really need a degree to start that journey? A lot of people gain an entry level position and work their way up the ladder without acquiring a degree. If you are classed as “mature,” you can use this to your advantage as you have life experience over your 21-year-old counterparts. But with an entry level job comes the equivalent pay, which is likely to be low, so beware of this.

College can be worth your time, but you need to assess where you are in your life, and if you aren’t able to support yourself then you need to decide whether the end product will be worth the struggle in the meantime. This is something that can be hard to figure out, but if you look at the amount of people with a qualification yet still struggle to get into their chosen career, it could be a slap in the face after all that effort. But, on the other side of the coin, a lot of people have described going back in education as the best thing we have ever done as it’s set them on a fantastic trajectory!

Kickstarting a Music Career

Musical artist getting ready to record a song

Getting your music career off the ground. Some basic tips for you here. Image via Free Great Picture.

Getting a music career off the ground isn’t easy. There are thousands of people out there right now fighting for their music to be heard. That said, you should never abandon your dreams. Even if you’re not about to become the next Ed Sheeran or Adele, you can still gain a fanbase and make some money from your passion simply by taking a professional stance. Here are just a few ways to find your feet as a musical artist.

Play some gigs

Playing live is still the best way to get yourself heard. Contact some local venues and use your connections to find supporting slots. Play enough gigs and you’ll start getting dedicated fans whilst making money. In order to get comfortable playing live try out busking, try playing in local bars or play to local friends and family.

Sites such as Music Industry How To have some great guides for developing stage presence. Remember that no band sells out on their first show – some of the biggest acts rose to fame through slow and steady touring.

Steal some studio time

Having a recorded song/EP/album should be your next step. There are plenty of pieces of software out there for bedroom producers wanting to take the DIY approach, but if you haven’t got the patience to learn all these production skills grabbing some studio time could be the best option.

Many recording studios may offer a free hour taster session or seasonal discounts on studio time. Make use of these promotions and get yourself a professionally recorded track or album that you can then promote.

Distribute your music

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