Are You Really Monetizing Your Strengths?

Career, you, and fulfillment

Find a career that suits you. Pexels photo (CC0).

When it comes to finding a career that really suits you, the choices in front of you can be dizzying. How you’re supposed to choose from a list of seemingly endlessly career paths is anyone’s guess. You might feel more comfortable trying to solve twenty mind-based puzzles in under an hour. Even those who are otherwise successful in a career might not feel that they have found their true calling so far. No matter if you’re a newbie to the job market or you’ve been in it for several decades, the opportunity always exists for you to find your true potential

The best question to ask yourself is this: ‘Am I really monetizing my strengths?’ Finding our way through life is all the better for knowing our preferences at any one moment. If you have strengths otherwise underdeveloped and lacking, finding the best career space for them might allow for them to blossom and become even better than you expected.

The general rule to rely on is that if you have a spark or some form of innate talent at something then it has the potential to develop through discipline and hard work. For this reason, this post is concerned with helping you achieve this. If you feel yourself in any way connected or interested in a select profession below and its accompanying description you might have found your new career focus.

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4 Ideal Careers for Fearless Females

A woman kicking butt in the workplace

She’s strong in mind and body. There’s no career limits for this lady! Photo via Pixabay (CC0).

It’s a slow march to equality, and there are still many areas in the world of work where women are under-represented. These are areas thought of as traditionally the natural domain of men – physically tough or demanding careers. Ah, but for a fearless female, they’re the ideal challenge! Mentally engaging, physically active, or making a real difference in the world – here are four careers that could be crying out for the skills you have to offer: Continue reading

3 Reasons Nursing Might Be For You

A career in nursing can help you achieve a work-family balance

Is nursing the right career for you? Photo by Rebecca20162393, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

For modern women, finding the balance between career progression and family can be a real nightmare. We might have made it out of the kitchen, but now we are trying to handle everything all at once: the home, the family, and the job.

However, there are a few jobs that can satisfy all your ambitions. You might not immediately consider a traditional female role like nursing to be particularly forward thinking, and yet, with its incredible benefits, nursing could actually allow you to be the woman who has it all.

No longer hampered by gender roles, nursing has raced into the future. Here are just 3 reasons you should consider it an option. Continue reading