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relaxing cbd products

3 types of relaxing CBD products

Above all else, many types of CBD products are known for relaxing muscles and decreasing anxiety levels. These 3 are especially popular.

Surprising dangers of visceral fat

The hidden dangers of visceral fat

Worrying about how much fat you have is one thing, but what about how it is distributed? Find the secret dangers of visceral abdominal fat.

Health risks of obesity

7 major health risks of obesity

If you are gaining weight, you face the associated health risks of obesity. Not sure what those dangers refer to? Read on for a full list.

Dermadry Total iontophoresis machine review

Dermadry Total: Iontophoresis machine review

I tested out the Dermadry Total iontophoresis machine and the review here tells you all about my experience. I used it for armpits that seem to sweat for no reason, which is embarrassing if I’m out in public.