Maya Angelou: A Poet and Hero to Remember

Maya Angelou is a woman I admire for so many reasons. She wrote amazing poetry, for one. She also spoke her mind intelligently as a civil rights activist and refused to be held down as a woman. This African American woman has been a personal literary hero of sorts for many years now, as part of a select group of authors I look up to. She spoke and wrote words that made me stop and ponder about life, as well as helping me to realize that female poets can achieve so much.

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Intention vs. Attention

I have been following Laurie Buchanan’s Tuesdays with Laurie blog for some time now and consistently revel in the insights she shares and conversations she generates in the comments sections of her posts. Laurie is a renowned blogger, author, and life coach so when she recently shared about a podcast she had done, I immediately went to listen to it. I was struck in particular by her words about the differences between intention and attention. When I asked her to guest post on this subject to flesh out the points more, she kindly agreed. Below is Laurie’s inspirational guest blog post.

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I Am Worthy – Guest Post by Dariush Youkhaneh

Through blogging, I have met many authors. One is a man known uniquely as #hhhigh. His blog posts resonate with me not only for his love for life but his desire to help others feel this passion too. His love of God also is beautiful. When I found out that #hhhigh – whose real name is Dariush Youkhaneh – had published a new inspirational book, my first response was to congratulate him and the second thing to do was to invite him over for a guest post. Here is what he has kindly written about women. The floor is yours, Dariush.

Talking about Youkhaneh's new e-book

Meet Author Dariush Youkhaneh. Photo via Dariush.

“With seven kids, I did not know how I could handle the life without my husband? He was in prison and my oldest child was 15 years old. Only God can could help me through that. We were the only Christian family in our small town. I worked in farms early in the morning till dark time. Only God could this for me – The pain of life was so sharp. But with the help of God, I went through that, “A 63-year-old mum said. She was my mum, my hero. The mother of the year.

44 years of marriage passed. Mum did not give up on Him. In tougher than tough times she handled it. I asked her. How did you do that? She confessed, saying in very calm and kind words “By His grace and strength.” I remember the times she prayed aloud in the living room. I remember the time she called upon the Name of the Lord. A pure-hearted prayer. Crying inside out: “Lord I do not have anything to offer you, The only thing I have; an ocean of tears and pains.”

Calmness and peace overflowed from her. She looked like an angel that moment. God was there, exactly in that moment, His present was so tangible. He was mending her wounds of this life with His angels and promising her everything would be fine.

After 32 years of my life – I have experiencing the love and blessing of God every moment. Do you know how? A hero mother. A brave woman behind, praying for her children. You too, You are so important for the people in your life. You are so valuable. Your future kids need your prayer, your husband need your braveness. Your loved ones need you, be still. It won’t be easy, the path is unclear but by His grace and strength you can go through that. Guard your heart because that is the center of Love and Life. For the Lord will be your confidence and He will keep your foot from being snared.

Women, you are treasures in this world. Do not allow the small obstacles to rob you of the big purpose. You are a dreamer, so be proud to who you are. You, beautifully and wonderfully made. It means you are the centre of mankind. How many woman do you want me to name? Mary, who is blessed to born Jesus. Rahab who helped Joshua to reach the promised land. Jochebed the mother of Moses and Moses’ sister Miriam who was a prophet. Deborah, the only woman judge mentioned in the bible. Esther a Jewish queen of the Persian King Ahsuerus. More than 450 woman named in the Bible. It could not be skipped over easy.

You see, They all have been playing an important part of their own times. Now, You are here, also. Each one of you, are Esther’s and Queens. You are the ones who bring unity in the family and protect it with loving kindness and righteousness. This life can make you tough, which is an absolute norm. Priyanka Chopra once said “You can be absolute woman and also be smart and tough and not lose your femininity.” Through this (in Him) you can find your identity. You don’t need search your identity in any men but God already put you in a great position already. Today we are facing sex trafficking of women, an issue around the world. It is an ugly face of sin. But Jesus was there, they brought a woman who found her in an act of adultery. How did Jesus respond? Let any of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her. There were no one to throw the first stone but only Jesus. And He forgave her. As Christine Caine said” You are not “Less Than.” You are the image of God, made in His greatness. You are the cause Adam fell into a deep sleep [Genesis 2 : 21]. You are loved and valued by Him. Practice the presence of God in your life and let the Holy Spirit make you whole as we’re all going the same journey. Trust him in all times. Let His love make you full.

Heads Held High Book Cover

The new book by Dariush Youkhaneh is a motivational and spiritual journey. Photo via Dariush.

About Author Dariush Youkhaneh

Dariush started writing when he was only 16. He grown up in a Persian-Assyrian family in the north of Persia. The first book that he published online named “the secret of happiness” is in Persian. He is so blessed living in a legacy of faith and love. Recently he published a new e-book called Heads Held High. This short book will bless you abundantly and inspire you greatly. Be inspired today go and visit his blog and follow him on: Or connect with him on Goodreads and Instagram.