Are You A Hypochondriac? These Signs Suggest You Might Be

Signs of hypochondria

Healthy or not healthy? Are you a hypochondriac?

We all worry about our health, and sometimes we have every right to do so. However, sometimes this can spiral into hypochondria, now known as an ‘illness anxiety disorder’ that means your worry borders into obsessive paranoia. The irony is, your worried thoughts can lead to a physical health condition, so while there may have been nothing wrong with you, physical symptoms of stress will begin to show.

So, are you a hypochondriac? If the following signs are familiar to you, then you may be suffering from the disorder. However, don’t let this stretch your paranoia further. Counselling prescribed by your GP will help, so hopefully, he won’t be annoyed by yet another call you have made to him today.

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These Health Problems Are So Twenty-First Century

In the twentieth century, humanity got a handle on many of the infectious diseases which had previously ravaged our lives – at least in developed economies. Tuberculosis went from being one of the biggest killers to something today that practically nobody has heard of. And it was all made possible by advances in sanitation and antibiotics as well as vaccinations.

But just as those diseases have ebbed, a bunch of new health problems has cropped up. What’s more, they’re not so much a result of evolution or foreign biology, but an outgrowth of human technology. Medicine can cure many of the diseases of the past, but it’s clear that in the future, humanity is going to have to take a more holistic approach to managing health. Continue reading

The Ins And Outs Of Anxiety

Anxiety is a poorly understood mental health disorder, mainly because it’s hard to draw a line between what is normal and what is not. Anxiety is a natural human emotion in certain circumstances and scenarios. However, when you suffer from anxiety, you become susceptible to experiencing symptoms of anxiety even when you’re in a situation, which is not threatening to the vast majority of people. If you think you may have anxiety or you’re keen to learn more about this common mental health disorder, here’s everything you need to to know about anxiety. Continue reading