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Overcome fear of success. Face your fears like this woman

Overcome Fear of Success: A Female Survival Guide

Face your fear of success and get to work on your big, bold, and ambitious, business and career dreams. I’m doing the same. Let’s face our fears together by embracing the following points. 

Trying out California Design Den Sheets

California Design Den Sheets Review

For this California Design Den sheets review, we tested out their sheet set for 2 weeks. Here’s our take on feel, durability, and more.

Wrapped present holds one of the popular bridesmaids gifts ideas

The Top 5 Bridesmaid Gifts for 2019

Choosing presents for the important women in your life isn’t always easy. Gain inspiration from this list of the most popular bridesmaid gifts for 2019.

Turning 40 and learning from experiences

I Wish I Knew This When I Turned 40

I wish I’d heard the things I’m about to tell you when I turned 40. These life lessons can help you get the most out of the milestone age.

Crystal Hampton is perfectly imperfect, in a society with a very high standard of beauty.

Perfectly Imperfect (Guest Post)

A powerful guest post from Crystal on learning to love your body. She chose an amazing title for this one: Perfectly Imperfect.