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Grandma enjoys life in retirement

Caring for Your Body as You Age

You can grow old without growing sick or living a less fulfilling life – people do it every day. Here are some quick tips to help you care for your body as you age

Woman sits in nature, silencing her thoughts

Thinking More Deeply about Your Health

Living healthily shouldn’t be something we do for vain reasons on the outside; it should be something we do based on what’s happening on the inside. Here are a few areas of your health that you might be neglecting.

She faces the fight against depression

Defeating Depression

Nowadays, most people understand that depression is a very real condition. This means you no longer have to feel lost and confused. Equip yourself with the needed information.

A calendar can help with her meal planning

Make Healthy Eating Easier for Yourself!

There’s no way around it: eating healthily is tough. Thankfully, there are certain ways to make healthy eating easier for yourself. Here are a few to consider.

Deal with stress like it's on your journal's to-do list

5 Ways to Overcome Stress

Stress can affect your life and your health, completely taking over. Deal with it better with these suggestions and methods.