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Benefits of homeschooling your child, such as this boy reading

Top 3 Benefits of Homeschooling Your Child

If you’re finding it difficult to give your boy or girl the education they need and deserve, homeschooling your child might be the ideal solution. Here are 3 reasons why.

Long-distance moving your car, like this blue vehicle

Long-Distance Moving: Is Car Transport Right for You?

If you are moving a long distance away and aren’t sure about what to do with your main or secondary car, car transport is one option. Get the facts to decide whether or not to hire a company to ship your car.

Safe online dating infographic

5 Must-Read Tips for Safe Online Dating

Each year, the Valentine’s Day season spikes an increase in the number of singles swiping and matching to find “the one.” With love in the air, it’s no surprise that these numbers would rise. Stay safe online dating or whatever you decide to do on this special day. 

One woman's plan after job loss at 50

What I Learned from Job Loss at 50 (Guest Post)

What do you do when you’re suddenly unemployed over age 45? Here’s what one woman did when she had this career setback. Joan bravely shares her struggles and what she learned from job loss at 50 in this guest post.