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On Inspiration

Are you looking for inspirational quotes? Do you want a daily dose of motivation? If so, check out these posts on inspiration from around the world.

The topics here are wide-ranging as inspiration can come from anywhere and everywhere. If it has something positive to add to your life, then you’ll find it in this category. From a list of practical ways to improve yourself to reasons to love the spring season, there is sure to be a short read or in-depth guide that you find valuable.

The posts you’ll read also cover home design tips, ways to reach personal goals, hair and beauty tips, and dating advice. What all of these reads have in common is their desire to uplift and help you, adding value to your day.

Lies. Truth. Is it black and white?

Honesty Starts at Home

Most of us lie to ourselves at some stage. But can getting to the truth help with addictions, unhealthy relationships, and more?

help the needy through work

3 careers to help the needy

These 3 careers to help the needy provide ways to be charitable while still bringing in income to support you and your family.

Sharon is a Woman Paying it Forward

On women who pay it forward

Sharon Phillips chats about networking and empowering women. Her “Empowering Women Exchange” project provides an exciting opportunity for females.

A woman feels broken by pressure at the holidays

Are Women Putting Extra Pressure on Themselves at the Holidays?

In the majority of cases, I think the answer to this headline is “yes.” As a woman, I often try to live up to societal expectations of me at the holidays. Let me give you an example and then look at some of the articles I found online that show some disturbing stats.

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