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Female contributions have made an incredible difference on today’s world. These ladies deserve recognition through historical spotlights.

Who were the women that changed the field of medicine, and which females have had impacts on things we use every single day today? Find out what women have done in the past and gain inspiration from their accomplishments to do more and be more!

From Grace Hopper to Roise the Riveter, there are many ladies who have revolutionized the world and we continue to see benefits from what they have done. By learning about these historical figures, we can make the present and future all the better.


Women and technology: Here is computer legend Grace Hopper

Women and Technology: Who is Grace Hopper?

Do you need inspiration today? If so, this spotlight on Grace Hopper, known as the “First Lady of Software” may be exactly what you need to read right now. Grace Hopper was pivotal in the advancement of women and technology. Find out how in this inspirational female spotlight.

Rosie the Riveter. We Can Do It!

Who is Rosie the Riveter?

You’ve likely seen this woman in posters but do you know her significance? What she represented, back in World War II and now? Meet Rosie the Riveter.

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