pain after working out

Pain after working out? 10 ways to cope

What can you do to help relieve the body pain after working out? Find 10 options here to put to use, include ice packs, supplements, and consuming fruits.

CBD and the body

How does CBD affect your body?

CBD, which is short for cannabidiol, is a trendy topic in health, fitness and wellness forums. Here’s how CBD affects the body.

Holistic health and beauty celebs

Holistic health and beauty secrets of celebs

Perhaps one of the best kept secrets among some of the world’s most famous celebrities is their growing passion for holistic health and beauty treatments. From skincare to healthcare, more and more celebrities are embracing a holistic approach to their lifestyles.

hemp oil benefits

4 Surprising Hemp Oil Benefits for Skin Care

Here’s a breakdown of the hemp oil benefits for skin, including moisturizing and soothing irritation, to help you decide whether to incorporate it into your beauty routine.