4 Ideal Careers for Fearless Females

A woman kicking butt in the workplace

She’s strong in mind and body. There’s no career limits for this lady! Photo via Pixabay (CC0).

It’s a slow march to equality, and there are still many areas in the world of work where women are under-represented. These are areas thought of as traditionally the natural domain of men – physically tough or demanding careers. Ah, but for a fearless female, they’re the ideal challenge! Mentally engaging, physically active, or making a real difference in the world – here are four careers that could be crying out for the skills you have to offer: Continue reading


Empowering Yourself From The Outside In

Wonder Woman symbolizes female strength

Female empowerment – Be your own unique version of Wonder Woman! Photo via a4gpa, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr.

There’s a lot of talk about female empowerment these days. Listening to a lot of it, one would assume that it’s something that needs to be given or allowed by the patriarchal status quo. Yet more might suggest that it’s something that should be taken by force from a society that’s withholding it. For many of us, however, empowerment is neither something that can be given, nor taken but rather, it’s something that needs to be realized. Realization is a very personal journey and with this in mind, female empowerment becomes self empowerment on a gender-wide scale. There’s something satisfying about the image of women all over the world that the power was inside them all along. Of course, female empowerment is as much a sociological and economic issue as a personal one, with a gender pay gap that looks set to continue for centuries. Change, however great, is made up of the actions of individuals. Continue reading

Women in the Workplace: How You Can Support Them

Creating gender equality in the workplace is a goal for many employers. However, it can be more difficult than you first think. Even when employers think they are doing the right thing, they could be making mistakes that prevent equal opportunities for everyone. If you want to support women in the workplace, there are many things you could do to help them. From your recruitment process to how you deal with time off work, taking a good look at how you as an employer do things can reveal some barriers that you perhaps did not even realize were there. Check out some of these ways to support women at work. Continue reading