The environment needs you. Make your home more eco-friendly, reduce the amount of rubbish your household generate, and embrace more strategies for a green life below.

Looking to volunteer and help the environment too? Check out these options in the Arctic Circle. Arctic volunteering could be next for you.
Here are a few ways that you can start opting to be eco-friendly around the home.
Leela Orr explains her Indiegogo campaign to help publish the photography book A Glimpse into the Beauty of Fogo Island.
Nina Gualinga is from a small community in Ecuador called Sarayaku. She is an activist for the rights of Indigenous people, speaking up on platforms such as the Huffington Post about protecting the Indigenous cultural identity that contains traditions...
This post from Judith at the Among the Pots and Pans blog is perfect for the holiday season. Note how Judith points out how she uses the poinsettia plant to lift her up in spirit, and how she suggests...

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