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Read about female artists, writers, and other creatives advancing the arts globally. From career spotlights to event announcements, let’s celebrate women. For art enthusiasts and those who want to unlock creativity, this category is where you will spend most of your time.

Making and sharing art provides a way for people to connect, and there is strong female talent to be proud of. For these two reasons, we celebrate females in the arts.

Arts is a broad category that includes dance, painting, sculpture, drawing, writing novels, and more. Its creation, expression, and interpretation is a very personal process, and it’s time to explore this. Find out what female artists are accomplishing today and how they can inspire you in your own pursuits!

Photo Collage, an example of future work from AweSome AweTism Adventures Art Project

An AweSome AweTism Adventures Art Project

What do New York, autistic adults, and blogger Deborah all have in common? The answer is the AweSome AweTism Adventures Art Project. Learn more about the project here.

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