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Anti Violence

A focus on meaningful ways to prevent violence against women, including current anti-violence campaigns around the world, and how you can help support the cause. Find the definition of gender-based violence, as well as discussions about how to prevent workplace violence.

Looking at domestic violence in marriage or cohabitation, as well as other human rights violations, will help to uncover and communicate the issues to work toward a violence-free future. Speaking up against violence, whether it is gender-based, race-based, or any other kind, is not easy. But it is necessary. Topics in the anti-violence category range from legal options to community organizations, events, and news.

Gender-based violence

What Is gender-based violence?

Understanding the causes of gender-based violence can help society develop practical solutions to the issue and address stereotypes about women as inferior.

Tort law basics

Tort law basics to bookmark right now

If you have ever needed to hire an attorney, you may have heard the phrase “tort law.” The meaning is very simple, as you’ll see from the tort law basics below.