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A focus on meaningful ways to prevent violence against women, including current campaigns around the world, and how you can help.

How to tell which brands genuinely support Black Lives Matter and which ones are saying the words to avoid backlash and losing sales?
Social workers play a vital role in people’s lives. Let's look at some of the issues faced by women and the ways social workers help in these areas.
No matter how defensive your driving skills, you can still be in a car accident that's not your fault. So, how do you respond after it happens?
Stay calm, yes. But, how? Finding that calm time for yourself is crucial, especially at the moment, and what you can do to achieve it.
Domestic violence is never okay. If you feel alone and like you are at the start of a breakup of your marriage or long-term relationship, what should you do?
Understanding the causes of gender-based violence can help society develop practical solutions to the issue and address stereotypes about women as inferior.
Can bad influencers on social media wreak havoc on your self-confidence? French fashion style vlogger and author Marie-Anne Lecoeur explains her experiences. Do your influencers drain your self-confidence? I read a recent article that shocked me and left me feeling sad....
You might find yourself in a legal case that's not looking good. If so, do you stay put and hope for the best or consider using a private investigator?

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