Honoring Lost Lives on 9/11 with Acts of Kindness

Standing strong on September 11th

Unity after 9/11. Photo via Pexels (CC0).

Honoring those we have lost with small acts of kindness… This is a beautiful thought expressed over on the By Hook Or By Nook blog on 9/11. Please see the link below ♥

Source: 9/11 ~ Sixteen Years Later


Attacks on Women in Cologne, Germany and Refugee Worries

Unfortunately, some women in Germany received more from the New Year’s celebrations this year than anticipated. During the nightly festivities in the western city of Cologne, dozens of women were sexually assaulted and robbed. The horrific incidents have led critics to attribute the cause to the many migrants in this particular city.

While I denounce the actions of the culprits of the street attacks, I do not participate in labelling those offenders as all being refugees. While Germany did take in approximately one million people seeking asylum last year, it is not fair to say they are responsible for these crimes without having any proof to stand behind it.

When critics of the large number of migrants then learned of the assaults and robberies on women at night, I think they jumped on an argument that would fuel the fears of people across Germany. However, as I write this post on the evening of January 5, there are no details to confirm that the attackers were (or were not) refugees and no arrests have been made thus far.

There are reports that the attackers looked to be of a North African origin. As far as I am concerned, looking as though you come from North Africa does not automatically mean you are a refugee! Consider this too: a rise in migrants can be unrelated to a rise in attacks on women in the same country.

Regardless of who committed the vicious acts, though, it is clear to me that the perpetrators have no respect for people living in harmony together or personal boundaries, and they have no sense of humanity. Also, even if it turns out that the perps were migrants, it does not make any difference to the criminal sentence they will receive for the heinous acts. Everyone is equal before the law. A punishment for committing a crime does not consider a person’s background or ethnicity.

What are your thoughts on the refugee fears and the rise of street crime on women in Germany?


Wonderful. Let’s say ‘no more’ to domestic violence. This informative post outlines the campaign and includes a statistic that is all too real: “1 in 2 women and 1 in 5 men have experienced some form of sexual victimization in their lives.” This HAS TO STOP! I am re-sharing the post here to help bring more recognition to the campaign.

The Militant Negro™

Mr MilitantNegro™ Jueseppi B. Mr MilitantNegro™ Jueseppi B.



What is NO MORE?

NO MORE is a public awareness and engagement campaign focused on ending domestic violence and sexual assault. Using its signature blue symbol to increase visibility and foster greater dialogue, NO MORE seeks to break social stigma, normalize the conversation around domestic violence and sexual assault, and increase resources to address these urgent issues. NO MORE is aligned with hundreds of organizations working at the local, state and national levels on prevention, advocacy, and services for survivors.


What is NO MORE’s history?

The idea for NO MORE was sparked in 2009, in recognition that despite the significant progress made in the visibility of domestic violence and sexual assault, these problems affecting millions remain hidden and on the margins of public concern. Hundreds of representatives from the domestic violence and sexual assault prevention field came together around the idea that an overarching symbol…

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The Long Term Effects of Violence

This powerful post by Barbara of the Idealistic Rebel blog contains a story on domestic violence and the words “We need to create love, kindness, and acceptance in this world.” Absolutely.


We are now living in a coarse society filled with violence, intolerance and hatred. Can we live with these influences without harm to our psyche? I think not. Must we always agree? No. Can we speak our truth? Yes.

It is important that we as individuals talk about our issues and points of disagreement. Is there damage from a violent society? Yes. I know this because there is damage left from violence in families and homes. I worked in Domestic Violence for over two score years, and counseled at Rape Crisis. I worked as a psych nurse for years. I am going to share a story of how long the effects can last.

One night, I was passing meds on my forty-two-bed lock down unit. I was in the hallway when I heard crying and indistinct words. I went into the room and both patients were in their beds and…

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Spotlight on Women’s Rights Activist Malala Yousafzai

Activist Malala Yousafzai. Original Photo Source: AK Rockefeller, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Flickr

Malala Yousafzai first came to public attention in 2009 when she wrote a BBC diary about life in Swat Valley in Northwest Pakistan, where the local Taliban had banned girls from attending school. Her diary chronicled her desire to remain in education and for girls to have the chance to be educated.

She wrote it under a pseudonym, Gul Makai, the name of a heroine from a Pashtun folk tale. Three years later, in 2012, she was shot in the head and neck due to this, after her school bus was boarded by a member of the Taliban. Her recovery process began in Pakistan and continued in England, where she now lives with her family. Today, Malala is 17 years old.

Malala Yousafzai: Awards and Achievements

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How Interval House Helps Raise Domestic Violence Awareness (VIDEO)

Video on Domestic Violence

“Alternative Ending” Video Raises Awareness of Domestic Violence. Image: Screenshot taken by Christy Birmingham of Co.CREATE.

Interval House in Toronto is Canada’s oldest center for abused women and children. It recently contributed efforts to produce a video that tackles the issue of domestic violence. I hope that the video will inspire you and also generate constructive conversation toward ending domestic violence.

Recently, Interval House partnered with KBS Toronto to create the “Alternative Ending” video after the media storm and public outcry of the video in which NFL’s Ray Rice knocked out his partner Janay Parker. The domestic violence in the Ray Rice video was difficult for me to watch but more than that I was not impressed with public comments about why did she stay with him. Having one been part of the abused women out there, I know it’s not a choice. Often the victim is scared to leave due to verbal threats from the abuser or is brainwashed into believing that the abusive actions are done out of love.

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Personal Reflections on the Death of Actress Skye McCole Bartusiak


Smiling Skye McCole Bartuskiak

Still from Skye McCole Bartusiak Video. Source: G-News, YouTube

The death of American actress Skye McCole Bartusiak at age 21 is, simply put, tragic. So young and full of life, McCole had a blossoming acting career. On Saturday, her body was found in her Houston, Texas home by her boyfriend. It is possible that her death was related to the epileptic seizures she had been having in the days leading up to the weekend.

Biography of Skye McCole Bartusiak

While you may not recognize her by name, you’ve likely seen Bartusiak in movies or television. She has appeared in TV shows that include 24, Frasier and House. In the famous film The Patriot, she played the youngest daughter of lead actor Mel Gibson. She was in the TV movie Love Comes Softly, amongst other projects.

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