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Upcoming Summit by FarmHer Empowers Women in Agriculture

Women in agriculture Impact summit by FarmHer

I have an exciting event to tell you about! It’s happening on November 29th in Iowa. Let me introduce you to the Impact Summit by FarmHer, an event dedicated to empowering and impacting women in agriculture. Over the past decade, FarmHer, Inc. has continued to champion the recognition of women’s contributions to the agricultural industry. Now, they will deliver a conference that celebrates, educates, and connects women in agriculture.

Diverse Perspectives

The Summit has an impressive lineup of speakers and panelists, offering diverse perspectives on important agricultural topics. As the keynote speaker, Tara Vander Dussen, a renowned podcaster and environmental consultant, will shed light on agriculture’s indispensable role in sustainability.

Lexi Marek Beeler, the entrepreneur and consultant shown in the photo above, will be the end keynote speaker. Along with hearing these speeches, attendees will participate in breakout sessions covering essential subjects such as finance, diversity, and marketing.

The opening remarks by Raquel Gottsch Koehler, Owner and CEO of FarmHer, Inc., will set the stage for the event. FarmHer is celebrating a decade of unwavering support for women in agriculture, and Raquel’s speech is going to be a great opening to the Summit.

Networking and Community Building

Beyond its educational aspect, the Summit will be a place for attendees to connect with influential figures and brands within the agricultural industry. Building authentic relationships is an important part of the event, as women will network, learn, and grow. In a sector that often has its challenges, the event reinforces the importance of collective strength and support.

Location and Tickets

Choosing Ankeny, Iowa as the event’s location adds extra significance to the Summit. Located in the heartland of American agriculture, Ankeny (located just outside of Des Moines) provides a great backdrop for this celebration of women in the field.

Tickets for the event are $85 each, with the added benefit of discounts for those purchasing ten or more tickets. Nationwide’s presentation of the Summit is supported by various sponsors within the agricultural sector, underlining the incredible recognition and support for this initiative.

Summit is Part of a Movement for Women in Agriculture

The Impact Summit by FarmHer will become a pivotal moment in the ongoing movement dedicated to showcasing women’s contributions to ag. FarmHer, Inc. focuses on celebrating and promoting women’s roles in this industry, be they farmers, ranchers, or agribusiness professionals.

The women in agriculture will become a part of a community, learning, inspiring, and growing professionally together. And it is this event that will reignite the conversation. This event represents an opportunity for ladies in the industry to not only gain knowledge but also to build lasting relationships and find solidarity in a field that has, historically, been dominated by men.

Recognizing Progress

FarmHer, Inc.’s decade of work has laid the foundation for a Summit designed to be much more than a conference. It is a celebration of women in agriculture, their contributions, their potential, and their collective strength. By connecting women from all aspects of the industry, from farm to boardroom, the Summit promises to be an unforgettable experience that inspires, informs, and motivates those who attend.

Through unity and empowerment, more is possible. Women like Christine Lewington at PIP continue to make substantial contributions in agribusiness, while others advance farming, ranching, and every other facet of the industry. These events are essential for amplifying their voices and furthering their careers.

FarmHer, Inc. is helping women in agriculture, and I commend them. As attendees gather in Ankeny, Iowa, they will become part of redefining the narrative of women in agriculture. It’s about making an impact. It’s an exciting time that gives me hope for a more inclusive and prosperous future for women in ag.

Be Part of this Women in Agriculture Summit

Get your ticket for the Impact Summit by FarmHer online as part of expanding your impact. The event promises to inspire, educate, and create lasting connections in agriculture.

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