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It’s launch day! New book by Renée Bauer empowers women to WIN at life

Renée Bauer, author and motivational speaker

This book launches TODAY, and interviewing the author on such a special day is an honor! She Who Wins by Renée Bauer is an empowering book for women that combines mindset and strategy to take your life from flatlining to fabulous with a tough-love approach. I’m excited to speak with the motivational speaker and author; our conversation follows below.

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Book launch day interview! Meet author Renée Bauer

I love the title of this book. She Who Wins: Ditch Your Inner ‘Good Girl’, Overcome Uncertainty, and Win at Your Life launches today, September 5th. The author is Renée Bauer, an accomplished entrepreneur, attorney, and international speaker. In this book, Renée breaks down some uncomfortable truths that could be holding you back as a woman from winning in life.

I’ve watched friends and clients struggle with worthiness issues for a long time. I dealt with my own shame stories for even longer. I see the possibilities of what can be when we trust ourselves to know what is best for us even when society is telling us differently. — Renée Bauer

Want to know more about Renée and the book? Let’s get to the interview!

Congratulations on publishing this book! What inspired you to write She Who Wins to help women win at life?

After spending 20 years as a divorce attorney, I recognized a common theme of what women struggled with. No matter how educated they were or how much money they made, women struggled with self-worth issues. They struggled with balance.

They struggled with maintaining boundaries. They struggled with having hard conversations and taking risks.

I wanted to write a book that inspired women to get really clear on what they wanted in life so nothing would hold them back.

What can readers expect from the new book?

I’m a storyteller, so I share stories with the hope that each reader can see themselves within the pages. But I’m also a doer, so I give readers a strategy to help them get clear on what they want, so they can drop their excuses and take action.

I’ve been told by a few readers that they cried, laughed, and got excited to get a little bit disruptive after reading She Who Wins.

There is also a Reader’s Guide, which makes this the perfect book for your next book club.

How does your experience and schooling lend itself to this new book?

I’m twice divorced and I had so much shame around that, even though I’m a divorce attorney. I didn’t talk about it because I was embarrassed.

I realized that I was doing a disservice to my clients and women everywhere by not using my voice and my platform to share my pain. Once I started talking about my divorces, it allowed me to be vulnerable in other ways, too.

This book is a massive exercise in vulnerability. I think that my entire adult life, triumphs, defeats, rejections, and journey led me to the material for this book.

Thank you for being so vulnerable to help women who feel stuck. What does ‘stuck’ mean?

Stuck means you are wondering “what’s next” or questioning whether this is as good as it gets. Stuck means you are walking through each day numb and consumed with a routine that is without joy.

Stuck means you feel depleted, and you are afraid to take a risk even though your heart is begging you to go for it. Stuck is purgatory.

Book launch day interview with Renée Bauer cont’d.

What defines a ‘win’ at life?

Winning means you keep moving forward. Even when you fail, even when you get rejected, even when it’s hard, you keep taking steps forward.

When you do that, you will always win because you are refusing to stay stagnant or let your fear prevent you from taking action. The universe always knows what’s best for us, but we need to give her something to work with.

How is She Who Wins different from other motivational books for women?

I love this question because it was exactly what I asked myself when I started to write it. I don’t like self-help books when you don’t feel like you are getting to know the author, or I feel like I’m being lectured at with all the things I “should” be doing.

My book is the opposite of this.

I wanted my book to create an emotional response. I wanted to stir some things up, and the feedback I’ve received so far has been that it feels like I’m talking directly to each reader. That’s what I was going for.

Writing it was an emotional journey. I think reading it is the same.

Did anything surprising happen while writing this book?

I had a loss when I was writing, and it took me out at the knees. I quite literally cried my way through Chapter 11.

It cracked me open even wider, and I think that pain and hurt translated into the pages. I dare any reader not to cry along with me when they read that chapter.

What do you hope readers take away from the book?

I want every single woman out there to realize they are worthy of their dreams, a life they love, and to be heard and taken seriously. I hope after they finish my book, they decide that they are going to go for it – whatever that is.

Maybe it’s leaving the toxic relationship, quitting their soul-sucking job, or moving across country. I hope they realize they can get through anything and they finally make the leap.

What lessons can women take from the pandemic to empower them career-wise?

Speak up. And if no one listens, put yourself in a different room.

Life is too short to stay stuck in a job you hate. You can pivot your career at 35, 45, 55, and beyond.

If you can survive a toilet paper shortage, you can survive a change in careers even when your future feels uncertain. When we love what we do, we shine even brighter.

More with author Renée Bauer on how to win at life

Your book takes a tough-love approach. Why did you choose this perspective?

I like to think of it as more of a love, love approach. It’s tough only because sometimes I might say something that might touch a nerve, such as the chapter on getting to know yourself outside of who calls you mom or a title you hold for work.

I love seeing women succeed or going for it in their life, so that’s all love. The tough comes from life being hard sometimes, but you do it anyway. I like to remind women of that.

What do you see as the future when more women empower themselves personally and professionally?

When women collaborate and cheer each other on, magic happens. Empowered women lift others up, contribute to communities, raise other voices, bring awareness and money to important causes, and provide jobs.

Empowered women are clear about their needs and wants in a relationship. They are unapologetic about who they are and what they stand for.

They don’t dim their own light to make others more comfortable. Empowered women are unstoppable.

Love that! What challenges to self-empowerment do you see women experiencing, and what are ways to overcome those issues?

Every woman I know struggles with balance. Women often feel the tug to be everything to everyone all of the time. You want to show up as your best, and sometimes that means you are depleted.

How do you overcome this? Recognize that the expectation you place on yourself to overachieve is unattainable. Remind yourself often that it’s okay to walk away, go dark on social media, or use your vacation days.

It’s okay to say to everyone around you, “I need a minute.” …and actually take that minute or hour or days to recharge.

She Who Wins is now available on Amazon.

Get your copy of She Who Wins TODAY and start to win at life

The new release She Who Wins: Ditch Your Inner “Good Girl”, Overcome Uncertainty, and Win at Your Life is now available on Amazon in Kindle or paperback.

This book is also on Barnes & Noble and

Connect further with author Renée Bauer

Take a free quiz with Ms. Renée Bauer to help determine if your “inner good girl” is derailing you from achieving your dreams. Start achieving more of what you want!

Also, find her podcast and all social media links on that same website. I follow Renée Bauer on Instagram and hope you will, too. Let’s take charge of our lives, starting now.

Remember, She Who Moves Forward Fiercely, is She Who Wins! — Renée Bauer

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