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Keep your skin healthy: Here’s why (and how)

Keep your skin healthy

Good health is essential to a long, vibrant life. And part of being healthy is taking care of your skin, the largest organ in the human body. It is also one of the first lines of defense against bacteria and disease. Below is more information about why it’s important to keep your skin healthy and suggestions to do so.

Why keep your skin healthy? Three reasons

The importance of keeping the skin healthy cannot be underestimated. Here are the three reasons why.

1. Skin goes through a lot

From the various bumps and bruises the skin goes through daily to the constant exposure to temperature changes, colour tattoo removal, weather elements, and airborne particles, the skin is put through a lot. You must defend your skin and keep it safe. The healthier your skin is, the easier it can defend against most of these issues.

2. Healthy skin keeps you looking younger

Dry and unhealthy skin can get cracked, wrinkled, stretched, and messed with as you expose it to the elements. However, if you try to keep your skin looking healthy, you can have radiant, glowing, and youthful-looking skin well into your old age. And caring for your skin to improve physical appearance doesn’t have to be a massive ritual.

You can have healthy skin with just a simple routine of washing your face with warm water and a healthy cleansing soap each day and wearing sunscreen when you go out. If you don’t want to spend hours applying different creams and techniques, you don’t have to do that. Your skin can look younger all the same. Find more tips later in this post on washing the skin.

3. Skin can defend against diseases and infections

If you have healthy skin, your skin can keep most of the bad bacteria and germs out of your body, and it can prevent you from getting sick. Additionally, if you are doing what you can to keep your skin healthy, then you’ve probably also got a good immune system too. So illnesses probably won’t be popping up in your life.

But whenever your healthy skin does get sick, you will notice it. Some skin problems, such as rashes, unnatural growths, and discolorations, will be very noticeable on very healthy skin, and then you can get them checked out by a London dermatologist.

How to keep your skin healthy?

Now that you know the benefits of keeping your skin healthy, let’s look at how to keep your skin healthy.


For starters, you can make sure to protect your skin from the elements as well as the effects of the elements. Wear sunscreen when outside, whether it’s a sunny day or not.

Bundle up if it is cold outside too, and make sure to moisturize your skin if it appears dry. That can help keep away annoying itchiness too.

Go easy on the hot water

Limit your time exposing your skin to hot water. Why? A lot of time in hot showers and baths can leave the skin dry and remove some of the oils that benefit the skin.

Instead, choose lukewarm water for showers and baths. Make sure to apply moisturizer afterward as well.

Be gentle when washing

Additionally, whether you are washing your body or only your face, make sure to wash the skin gently. Violently scrubbing the skin will cause more problems than it solves, so make sure to wash gently and treat your skin delicately. That’s especially true for the extra-thin skin under the eyes.

As for how long you’re washing, limit the shower time. A longer shower, say over 10 minutes, has the potential to worsen dry skin.

Other factors

Finally, your diet, water intake, and how much sleep you get also affect your skin. There’s a reason it is called beauty sleep, after all. Try to get 8 hours of restful sleep a night, drink plenty of water, and eat a varied and healthy diet for a nice glow on your skin.

Ensuring you get enough H2O hydrates your skin. That can help with skin issues too, such as eczema and psoriasis. Staying hydrated can also reduce puffiness.

Final tip: Keep your skin healthy with a consistent skincare routine

Lastly, once you pick your skincare routine, keep it consistent. Wash your face every night and morning if that suits your skin type. Once you find which facial cleanser and moisturizer work well, stick with it.

Also, drink plenty of water, as explained earlier. Wear sunscreen each time you go outside too.

Your healthy skin will thank you! You will look younger, be more resistant to disease, and better withstand the elements when caring for the skin.

Plus, it’s not overly difficult to maintain this routine, so why wouldn’t you want to be healthy? You’re worth it!

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