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Your timeline for pre-wedding skin treatments

Pre-wedding skin care treatments

Planning for a wedding is an exciting and busy time as you set about to make the big day an amazing one. A significant part of the planning involves how you will look, from hair and makeup to dress, shoes, and jewelry. Achieving healthy, glowing skin trumps them all, though, as it is your canvas. This guest post from Alina Gulyanskaya offers a pre-wedding skin care plan that you can follow without breaking the bank. From getting the perfect bridal subscription boxes to long-term skin care, check out these tips for the best ideas.

TWELVE MONTHS before the wedding

Get bridal box subscriptions

Every bride planning a wedding wants to enjoy the process, and a wedding subscription box will make that happen. A bride box follows you through your wedding timeline to help you work more efficiently, maximize the moments and ensure fun times.

There are many bride subscription box options but Miss To Mrs stands out with its ten themed boxes, planning bundles, and tailored plans. These boxes contain carefully curated goodies that will excite you from the first delivery. You will find bridal spa treatments like bath bombs, salts, scented candles, and more, as decor essentials, jewelry, merch, fitness essentials, and cute items.

You can choose an extended, quarterly, monthly, or accelerated plan if you have just a little time before the wedding. Also, getting the Miss To Mrs bridal box opens you up to the planning bundle with amazing benefits. You get 20% discounts when you shop in front of the store, a free wedding guide by experts, and even savings on vendors.

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Find your best esthetician for pre-wedding skin care

If you are thinking of when to get a facial before the wedding and the frequency, only a professional can answer that. So if this is something you intend to do, you must find a highly-rated esthetician before the wedding because your skin is at their mercy.

Facials are a wide range of procedures from lifting to sculpting, deep exfoliation, acne extraction, LED therapy, and more. You want someone that understands the skin and your skin specifically, its needs, and your goals.

Try out injectables for the first time

If you intend to experiment with injectables like Botox, fillers, or dermaplaning before your wedding, the time is now. Give yourself time to heal in case something goes differently than expected. And even if all goes smoothly, there is enough time to see what works best for you while modifying treatments to suit your skin.

SIX MONTHS before the wedding

Incorporate retinoid as part of pre-wedding skin care

Brides battling with congested skin, acne, blemishes, and hyperpigmentation must confer with their dermatologist. At this time, the dermatologist must guide you to incorporate retinoids, a vitamin A derivative, into your routine. They come in different doses and percentages, so you want an expert eye to tell what suits your skin best.

Retinoids help boost cell turnover and collagen production. So even if you don’t have acne, work with retinoids for brighter, firmer skin with patience, and consistency.

Do a deep chemical peel

In addition to retinol, a chemical peel is one of the best ways to exfoliate and ensure cell turnover. With a chemical peel, you eliminate blemishes and get clear, glowy skin.

FOUR MONTHS before the wedding

If you are battling with spots, hyperpigmentation, acne scars, stretch marks, and the likes on your face and body, try laser treatments. Laser treatments may be the solution for brides who are not patient enough to trust the process of topical applications. Consult your dermatologist for the best course of laser treatments.

Laser treatments can be very effective because they penetrate the skin at the problem point and eradicate the issue. However, a person might need three to four sessions to get the best results. Hence, four months is enough to see how your skin reacts to the treatment and enough downtime to tweak procedures and heal.

THREE MONTHS before the wedding

Apart from getting a facial before the wedding, this is the best time to introduce Alpha Hydroxyl Acids (AHAs) and Beta Hydroxyl Acids (BHAs). AHAs and BHAs are great for hyperpigmentation, exfoliation, acne, dullness, and texture issues.

Many OTC brands offer these ingredients in toners, cleansers, serums, and more. Always start with a low dosage and ease it into your skin gradually.

This approach helps you monitor compatibility and possible irritations. If possible, work with a dermatologist or esthetician to analyze your skin tolerance, compatibility, and best acid dosages.

ONE MONTH before the wedding

Get your last injectables

If you have done Botox or any other form of injectables, take the last one at this point. You can continue a few months after the wedding.

However, taking the last one a month before the wedding gives it enough time to settle in for the average skin type. There may be bruising, swelling or irritation, and a month is enough time to calm the skin.

Avoid any new treatments or products

The few weeks leading up to your wedding are not the best time to start experimenting with new skincare products. Your skin care before the wedding should be more protective than experimental.

Flare-up and irritation or a bad reaction from a new product is the last thing you need a few weeks before the day you get married. Instead, focus on things that worked for you up to that point.

ONE WEEK before the wedding

Do your last pre-wedding facial for glowing skin

The best time to get your final pre-wedding facial is a week before the celebration. The facial should focus on hydration while avoiding any extraction or peels that leave the skin irritated.

Also, consider incorporating ultrasound modality and oxygen therapy to mitigate puffiness that could arise. This is one way to ensure your skin looks bright and ready for the wedding day.

Remove acids from your plan and hydrate only

Skin irritation is something that pops up when you least expect and you don’t want that to happen. So, to mitigate the occurrence, avoid using exfoliators or retinoids a week before your wedding date. These two substances can cause patches, dryness, micro tears, flakiness, and irritations.

Instead, focus on toners, serums, essences, and moisturizers that act as hydrators and humectants. Quench and soothe your skin to make it fuller.

ONE DAY before your wedding

The pre-wedding skin treatments must focus on hydration to create an amazing canvas for your look. Feed your skin with layers of hydration and soothing composition to create plump, calm, moisturized, and firm skin.

Products containing nutrients like hyaluronic acid, glycerin, ceramides, and squalene will deeply hydrate, repair, and support your skin barrier. And this will enhance your natural glow so that you won’t need so much makeup.

Wedding Day

You want your makeup to last longer, require a little touch-up, and photograph well on your big day. So the most important skin prep for the wedding day is achieved with water-based products. Avoid oil-based and silicone-heavy products because they could pill or separate your makeup.

Water-based formulas are non-greasy, lightweight hydration, and quench the skin’s thirst. Also, water-based skin care products will lock in the foundation pigments and let you layer without a mess.

A few last words on pre-wedding skin care

This post is the ultimate guide to pre-wedding skin care treatments for every bride who wants to look her best. It helps you put things in perspective with the timelines for making your first appointment to walking down the aisle. So, check out the post, follow this rule book, and look amazing!

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