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How to create a winter wardrobe with style and practicality

Winter wardrobe

Winter is coming, and it’s time to start preparing. That includes your closet! Find tips here to build a winter wardrobe that has both style and practicality.

Part of your winter refresh

There are countless ways to prepare for the holiday season ahead. You can start decluttering and deep cleaning the home, ready for festive decorations to go up. You can reach out to double glazers, insulation specialists, and others to ensure your home stays warm and reduce energy bills.

You can start shopping in the Black Friday Sales to get ahead of your Christmas presents. But one area you do need to focus on is ensuring that you have the right wardrobe to dress through all of these tasks and the colder, harsher months ahead. Here are four areas of focus when choosing your winter wardrobe!

Areas to focus on when choosing your winter wardrobe:

1. Warmth

Of course, warmth is one of the key areas you need to focus on when choosing clothes for your winter wardrobe. The winter is renowned for being the coldest season of the year for many of us, so you will need to make sure that your clothes are designed to keep you toasty.

Choose fabrics wisely. Certain materials are better insulators than others, which is why many people choose knitted or woven fabrics that hold onto heat.

I love fleece! It won’t wrinkle and keeps me feeling cozy all day.

Also, consider layers, as they are so versatile. They enable you to be warm and comfortable while out and about but mean you can take some layers off if you spend some time indoors at a restaurant or a friend’s house.

2. A stylish wardrobe is a must this winter

You still want to look good when you get into your winter clothes. Style doesn’t have to be compromised!

Countless brands and stores specialize in winter clothing or launch wintertime collections to ensure that you look great while ticking all of your boxes for comfort and warmth. Browse options like to find a range of clothes that suit you and the season.

3. Weatherproof

Cold isn’t the only thing that the winter is likely to throw at you. Other harsh weather conditions can include rain, sleet, and snow.

The more weatherproof your clothes, the less likely you are to experience being soaked and uncomfortable while out and about. Choose waterproof materials for winter coats, and ensure you have a few pairs of waterproof shoes or boots with good grip. Having an umbrella in your bag always helps too.

4. Accessories for your winter wardrobe

Accessories are essential this season – not just for looking good, but from a practical perspective. Hats, gloves, and scarves are must-haves this season for good reason.

Stock up so you have a choice that matches a variety of outfits. Knitted and wool options tend to be the best for the cold months. You could even consider options such as mittens with flip tops and fingerless gloves if you find standard gloves aren’t comfortable or make everyday tasks difficult.

A few last words for your winter wardrobe

Thinking over these different areas when picking out your winter wardrobe can help a lot. Hopefully, these tips will guide you on your journey to a more comfortable and enjoyable season!

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  1. No make over for me this winter. A few years ago I chose so well: coats, boots, accessories, etc. that the pieces are still lasting, and looking good! I kept classic.

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