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3 sustainable home improvement ideas

Sustainable home reno

Across the globe, consumers are increasingly inclined to consider sustainability when making a purchase. In one survey, for example, 66% of all respondents claim it is a key consideration in their purchasing decisions, and this number increased to 75% when dealing with Millennial customers. This ethos applies to other areas of life and spending, too, as people in the UK and elsewhere look to create more sustainable lifestyles that reduce their carbon footprints over time. To help you with this goal, look below at popular sustainable home improvement ideas.

1. Sustainable home improvement: Use low or zero VOC paint

Interestingly, VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are found in traditional paints. But these elements are known to contaminate the ocean and negatively affect the indoor air quality within your home.

So, using low or zero VOC paint can immediately improve the air quality of your home. All while minimising the carbon footprint of even basic renovation tasks, such as painting.

The key is to be aware of this danger and check for VOC content on individual paint labels. Watch for single ingredients, such as vinyl resins, synthetic dyes, acrylics, and petrochemicals, which are derived from oil.

This effort is worth it. You can then make an informed decision and ensure that you change the aesthetic of your home in the most sustainable way possible.

2. Consider going ‘solar’

While some UK government initiatives to monetise solar panels and incentivise their purchase may have ended, some remain. They are still a great way to make your home greener.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, solar panels will typically cut your electricity bill by between 15% and 25%. So, investing in this renewable energy source may be beneficial in more ways than one.

While photovoltaic solar panels for the home are also getting cheaper and more efficient over time, you’ll need to calculate precisely how many panels you can install on your roof and just how cost-effective it will be.

After all, there may be instances where you can’t generate enough solar energy, depending on your house’s location and where it faces. So it’s important to make an informed decision where you can.

3. Install a programmable thermostat

Finally, consider using a programmable thermostat. This device can now be installed in your home and managed through an array of smart programs, such as Nest.

This type of thermostat enables you to set schedules that suit your family’s daily activity, consuming energy when needed by minimising consumption during times when it makes sense, such as while asleep or away from home. This action will reduce your home’s overall energy consumption over time while helping keep your annual bills in check.

You can also set and maintain a viable heat using your programmable thermostat. That helps create a comfortable living space that is cost-effective too.

Other ideas for a more sustainable home

Another way of reducing your energy consumption is to optimise the level of natural light in the house. A great way to do so is using frameless glazing and glass doors.

The advantage here is that you use less synthetic light in your home. That reduces your electricity usage significantly over time to benefit the planet while also reducing your utility bill.

Finally, consider installing a green HVAC system. It can reduce your eco-footprint while keeping your family comfortable all year round.

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