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Author Casey Rislov inspires young kids to be future leaders

Casey Rislov's The Rowdy Randy Wild West Show book cover

Today’s guest post is from the acclaimed children’s book author Casey Rislov. Her newest book is The Rowdy Randy Wild West Show, the story of a bold and sassy horsefly that aims to put on her very own Wild West Show, based on US Western History. It is the latest book in the Rowdy Randy book series. One of the main themes in the new book is leadership. Rislov inspires young kids who read it to be leaders one day, just like the Rowdy Randy character.

Along with having a fun and inspiring story, The Rowdy Randy Wild West Show also is a beautiful picture book. It is illustrated by Zachary Pullen. The hardcover book is appropriate for ages 5-9.

Guest post from kid lit author Casey Rislov

Leadership takes confidence and courage. Leadership is based on trust.

Parental support helps develop leadership skills in kids

We cannot be leaders unless we are learning and growing every day. I was raised by parents who encouraged me to try new things and then stick with these new ideas and activities for the duration (season, year, etc.). I tried everything from piano lessons, gymnastics, swim team, dance lessons, and different forms of art.

I appreciated my parents’ sense of support, but also their steady reminder that I needed to finish what I started. I couldn’t have tried all these activities successfully without their support, along with the teachers and coaches who surrounded me and my new set of skills. These people in my life led me patiently. I had to listen to learn. I had to show up when it was time to be there. I had to practice to master the skills I was learning.

Being mentored on how to lead

Once I entered college, I was asked by my teachers and coaches to take on the roles of assistant coaching for those activities at which I excelled. I took the necessary steps to receive my coaching license and then helped others gain knowledge and confidence in what they were learning.

From swim lessons to downhill skiing to swim team, I found where I wanted to learn to lead under the guidance of the main coach or teacher in charge. I was being mentored on how to lead.

Ask questions to be a better leader

At each stage of our life, we are taught new lessons or return to old ones. We are given time to lead and time to learn.

Life has mostly shown me that curiosity should be encouraged and considered courageous. If you have questions or concerns, speak up.

No one is a mind reader. If you want something or need help, ask for it.

Leadership grows through asking thoughtful questions. It takes courage to ask for and accept direction and help from others. Bouncing ideas off others I trust has been a successful tool for my journey.

On consistency, patience, and encouragement

As an adult, I find that I am learning to lead in different ways. Especially now having a young family, I lead more often throughout my day.

Actions speak the loudest, so if I want my sons to be brave, kind, and honest, I need to show this by example every day. Consistency builds trust by showing that what I tell them, I am doing. I try to carry this consistency into every area of my life.

Having patience and encouraging others to excel makes a good leader great. Most leadership is quiet with regular practice and reflection. This is how we become better leaders and help others to be their best.

Leadership in the Rowdy Randy book series for kids

My current picture books have a main character that displays what it takes to be a leader. This is where I have taken my leadership journey the past ten years.

The Rowdy Randy books have a strong, confident female who makes things happen with her bold and courageous ways. She has the confidence to lead and mentor others into making their teamwork a success.

I find my author visits spark the interests of the youth and adults when I am in person reading, discussing how I became an author, and how the stories became books. These stories and discussions encourage others to be bold and brave themselves, and to remember that the most success will come from listening and learning from others.

A few last words on leadership from Casey Rislov

My experience of being around great leaders and helping lead others has been an amazing journey. I have been taught that leadership takes belief in oneself, that we must be courageous by learning, listening, and leading, and that trust happens when relationships have good communication.

The best part is to be able to inspire others to dream, believe, and imagine all they can do in this life.

About today’s writer, Casey Rislov

Casey Rislov is a 7x award-winning children’s book author. She holds a master’s degree in elementary education from Montana State University and is endorsed in early childhood and special needs. Rislov taught for many years. The last eleven years have been devoted to writing, reading, and sharing the love of these arts with children of all ages during her popular story times, school visits, and workshops. She lives in Wyoming with her three greatest loves, her husband and their two children.

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