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5 fall style staples every woman needs

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We’re kicking off fall with all the giddiness of a gal who loves pumpkin spice lattes, and honestly, our clothes should match the spirit. If you have yet to shop around for fall staples, it’s never too late. Don’t walk; run. Run to your favorite stores, online or in-person, to find the following five fall style staples that every lady needs. Check them out:

Honey, boots are a must!

Okay! If there’s one thing to be joyous about this fall, it has to be our boots! From ankle boots to military-style boots, whatever the occasion, you can sport some boots. Summer heat is now disappearing, which means that you need something to keep your feet warm.

What could be better for your feet than boots as temperatures drop? Just make sure to shop for durable ones that are also highly comfortable so you can enjoy wearing them all season long.

Girl, steal his hoodie!

Just kidding; stealing hoodies is pretty overrated. The notion is romantic, but if you want to look like a fashionista this fall, get some great sweaters of your own. Colorful patterns and unique styles reminiscent of ’70s fashion are some favorite looks this season, but hoodies will always be trending, so get some of them too.

Style staples: Fall colors FTW!

With the fall season, you know what you’ve got to do? Wear fall colors, of course! While it may sound cliché, there’s just something about the warm colors that we associate with the fall that feel just right as the temperature gets colder and thoughts of warm drinks start to fill our minds.

Mauve and burnt orange, maroon, or moss are just a few colors to incorporate into your fall closet this season. If you want to take your fall colors a step further, color your hair as well. You’ve heard it before, “Going red, dark, auburn for the fall!” As our tans fade, it’s time to match our seasonal colors to our skin.

Accessorize, always!

As we get into colder weather, it’s time to start buying those items that make a difference in keeping us warm. From gloves to scarves and hats, if you’re looking to spruce up your look, your extra accessories can help you do just that.

Don’t forget to keep your eyes safe in the autumn sun as well, and while it’s not as intense as the summer sky, you still want to use sunglasses while outside. Don’t forget to add a touch of classy jewelry to the mix for great fall outfits that don’t disappoint.

Don’t forget your sneakers!

With your outfits ready, don’t forget the last component of an outfit that makes or breaks it. Your shoes matter when hoping to stay trendy and chic. While boots belong in your wardrobe during the fall, you should also wear sneakers when you want to feel cute and comfortable.

Whether your go-to sneakers are Vans or Converse, just make sure you get the kind of sneakers that pair with your outfits and most of all, feel great on your feet.

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Conclusion on fall style staples

From cute hoodies to great boots, with cold weather coming our way this fall, we’re doing what we can to get prepared with the best outfits possible. Fall is the perfect time to invest in new items for your wardrobe so that you can stay warm while also updating your style.

From working with an image consultant to find the perfect fall look to picking out looks from your favorite beauty magazine, there are plenty of ways to find the best fall outfits for your personal style.


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  1. I can so imagine wearing some of the cool stuff on here. Especially changing your colours for the season sounds like a fun idea to me. Imagine how much fun you could have with your wardrobe!

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