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CEO Precious Williams opens up about overcoming adversity in new book

Meet Precious Williams

She is the CEO of Perfect Pitches by Precious and also a best-selling author. Her pitch creation company is all about creating amazing sales pitches for any purpose. Precious Williams is sharing a personal side of herself in her new book, The Pitch Queen: A Woman’s Journey From Poverty To Purpose & Profits. In the book, she shares about battling depression, addiction, and homelessness on her way to the top in business.

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A bit about the ‘Killer Pitch Master’

Precious Williams is known by the nickname “Killer Pitch Master,” and for a good reason. She is a 13-time national elevator pitch champion. That’s right, 13 times! Those are some serious pitching chops.

You might have seen this experienced elevator pitch master on the ABC TV show Shark Tank (Season 8). Some of her clients have appeared on that show too. Williams was also on MSNBC’s Your Business.

She has given two TEDx talks and been featured in leading publications, including Black Enterprise Magazine and Forbes. Her expertise is in sharing her pitching skills with clients to help them win competitions, gain speaking contracts, and more.

As if all of this is not enough, Williams is also an author. A best-selling author. Her new book takes a different turn, focusing less on pitching and more on her path to success.

Photo courtesy of Erin Michelle Silber and Precious L. Williams

Precious Williams unveils hardships in her new book

The newest book is The Pitch Queen: A Woman’s Journey From Poverty To Purpose & Profits. It was released on September 13th. As the title implies, she went from having no money to CEO of a successful company. Now you see why she’s getting the spotlight today at When Women Inspire!

As recently as only four years ago, Williams lived in a women’s center in NYC. It was there that she struggled with addiction and depression. The book outlines her journey from the darkness to find her inner strength to move forward to be a healthier woman.

In the book, she explains that it is important to embrace one’s flaws rather than avoiding talking about or looking at them. After all, the flaws are part of the self, the authentic self.

Williams opens up other challenges in The Pitch Queen too. For example, how she was evicted twice, struggled with her sexuality, and when law school kicked her out.

Through all of this, Precious Williams has now built up a popular company that trains women to deliver amazing pitches or presentations. She encourages women to go after their business prospects by helping them with strategy and ways to genuinely connect with those who need their products or services most.

Who inspires Precious?

I had the opportunity to ask Precious who inspires her. Here is what she told me:

“Two people have inspired me the most in my life. The first is my grandmother, Precious D. Williams, who saw the beauty and talent in me when no one else did. She told me that I was her golden child and I was destined to speak before the greats and become a legend among legends. Through her daily affirmations, speaking life over me and my dreams, I am where I am today. She taught me how to go after my dreams and become fearless! I love her always!

“The second person who has inspired me the most is the icon, Michael Jackson. He was a genius. He put his all into his craft and was not afraid to change trends or go against the grain. In that, he changed music and expectations of greatness. I aim to do all of this when I speak, teach and train.”

Takeaway on Precious Williams’ The Pitch Queen

It’s important to point out that her latest book is not only about overcoming adversity. It is so much more than that. It is about gaining strength from this inspirational woman and taking control of your life path. Rather than letting challenges and setbacks keep you down, use them as strength to propel you forward!


Top photo courtesy of Erin Michelle Silber and Precious L. Williams

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