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The 3 pillars of faking it until you make it

Faking it until you make it

For most of us, when discussing the concept of confidence, much of it concerns the image we present. So many style tips out there talk about how you present yourself in terms of your look, but there’s also the aspect of “faking it until you make it.” Many people  feel like they have to present some image to appear they have control over the situation. Let’s get to the main question: What are the pillars of faking it until you make it? Find them below.

Pillar 1. Dress for the person you want to be

One of the fundamental parts of the strategy is acting like you have what you want or are the person you want to be. That is commonly referred to as the Law of Attraction and is broken down into several other components, including visualization and manifestation.

But dressing to be the person you want can also be about providing foundations that make you feel more secure in yourself. Why? So you can be more like the person you want to be. Even something as simple as cute balconette bras can provide that undercurrent of foundation underneath, so you feel supported, literally. Working from the outside in can help you build confidence and courage to take more risks.

Pillar 2. Manage expectations

There are some drawbacks to faking it until you make it. When you push yourself forward as an authority who knows everything, there will be someone who wants to unravel this.

Faking it until you make it is NOT about saying that you can do X, Y, and Z. Pretending you know what someone demands of you when you don’t is only asking for trouble.

Therefore, you must ensure that when you put a different version of yourself forward, you are doing it for yourself rather than anybody else. You may feel like you need to speak up in a conversation because you need to make yourself heard. Still, even if you don’t have the information to hand, sometimes it’s better to make yourself heard and chip in with something very small and snappy rather than being full of big, empty talk.

Pillar 3. Practice faking it until you make it

Practicing is the best approach in this case. When it comes to the pillars of faking it until you make it, you are putting yourself on display. Whether trying to be more confident in how you present yourself or talk, it all falls down to the notion of practice.

Some people look in the mirror and perform positive self-talk techniques. And it’s something that we can all benefit from.

If you want to be a different version of yourself, you have got to learn how to visualize it first. That means you’ve also got to start putting it into real words and expressions. Nobody comes into this planet fully formed; learning by mistakes or practice has to happen.

Concluding words on faking it until you make it

Rather than being untrue to who you are, this conversation is about preparing to be a better version of yourself. That’s not taking away who you are at the core. Instead, it’s about self-improvement, more confidence, and achieving a happier you.

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