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Girls Rock Saskatoon: A music camp supporting gender empowerment

Girls Rock Saskatoon

It is a Canadian volunteer-run organization that is helping bring girls together and empower them. Its name is Girls Rock Saskatoon (GRS).

I only just found out about the non-profit and wanted to share. Below is a bit about when it started, its goals, and what to expect as an attendee.

The origins

GRS is a registered non-profit that began in 2014. It is the brainchild of Alison Whelan, who is the camp director. Yes, it’s a camp!

Located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, the organization consists of volunteers running a week-long program. It’s music-centric, as the name suggests. But really it’s so much more.

The goals of Girls Rock Saskatoon

During the camp, attendees get to learn a new instrument, become part of a band, and create an original song. All within a week. What an experience for a music enthusiast, right?!

The camp involves learning, creativity, confidence building, and teamwork. There’s also the performance aspect too.

Respect is a big part of this camp. Everyone has a voice and deserves equal opportunities. The lessons that youth will take away from this experience will no doubt be life-changing.

It’s nice to see those at the camp are not just staring at screens. They are actively participating, all with the objective to empower them. Positivity is here.

Who can join and what to expect?

Throughout the week, campers attend workshops to build music-related skills. The non-profit goes beyond that, though, by discussing topics like gender, identity, and fairness of opportunities in society.

GRS is for those ages 8-14. Attendees are girls, trans, gender expansive, and two-spirit.

Led by adults, the day camp helps youth explore musical interests and leadership roles while also sharing about gender inequality, sexism, and other issues. There is also role modeling of healthy relationships.

This camp happens twice each summer. In other words, there are two week-long camps every summer. A big shoutout to the volunteers for making this happen!

Girls Rock Saskatoon: A second camp for adults

There are also adult camps focusing on women, feminism, and music. It’s called “All Grown Up Camps.”

So, if you want to learn an instrument and aren’t a kid anymore, this option is one to explore. Like the kids, you would get lessons on a particular instrument, form a band, and do a performance.

It’s an empowered environment, and no music experience is needed. Rock out in Saskatoon!

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