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Why encourage your child to play sports?

Why should kids play sports?

When you have a child, you will always want what’s best for them. That means encouraging them to take part in anything and everything they possibly can when growing up. While they may not want to when they are younger, they will likely thank you for the opportunities when they are adults. The activities could be anything from dance to playing an instrument or encouraging your child to play sports. Take a look below at why sports in childhood are important.

Make friends

One of the fundamental reasons for joining a team game is to have fun and interact with peers. Making friends will create a far more enjoyable experience for your children.

They will be more willing to attend if they have made buddies there. Social interaction is great for kids, so encourage it wherever possible.

They could make friends for life! It’s all about making that first move.

Your child in sports learns to play with others

Sometimes, it can be hard for kids to play alongside others, especially as a team. It can be a steep learning curve if they are not used to it or haven’t done it before.

More often than not, there will be a coach present to give your child the push they might need to get involved and play with others. Always praise your kids when they make you proud and try their hardest.


Learning about different sports and how they have developed over time will give your child broad knowledge that lasts a lifetime. It can be really interesting learning about the rules of the different sports your children are involved in.

There are also lots of videos online where they can learn different skills. For example, if they are playing baseball, there are plenty of batting videos to watch.

Develop resistance

Playing sports could mean your children develop resistance not only to the weather but contact sports as well. If your child isn’t used to it then it can be a bit of a shock to the system when they first start playing the game.

Take American football, for instance. It is a brutal game, so bring them into it gently, if this sport interests them, and know the safety issues. Even with all the padding, it can still be painful and dangerous.

Motivate your child to play sports for better fitness

Physical activity is important throughout life. As a child, exercise can help with coordination, endurance, and more.

It also starts them on the path to caring for their body from a young age. Being active can also help the little one (and you) sleep better at night.

Self-esteem and confidence

Confidence can build leaps and bounds when part of a sports team. What once may have been a shy and reserved child can become a happy, self-assured one.

This positive result can come from feeling like they belong to a team and being productive. It also shows them they are good at something, especially if the sport involves scoring goals. You may notice such a difference when your child starts to play sports.

Cures boredom

Like any other child, yours will likely hate being bored. When a child is bored, they let everyone know it. It can result in tantrums or shouting matches between you two.

If you don’t want them to spend all their free time on the computer, smartphone, or TV, sign them up for a sports team. Ask if there is any specific sport they are interested in; the answer might surprise you.

Did you play sports as a kid? Are you signing your child up for any athletic activities this year? If so, which ones?

13 thoughts on “Why encourage your child to play sports?”

  1. As much as I agree with this post, I also have to say that there are things that can go wrong and self-esteem and confidence is not always something that is each to achieve in sports for children. Yes, sports are supposed to be fun, and we’re supposed to gain all these things, but it is not the sport that does it. Much of the confidence, support, fun, and everything you mentioned in the post depends on the mental state of the child before and after training, in my opinion. What the child believes about themselves and how they look at themselves play a huge role. Is the child comfortable where they are playing at the moment, are the other kids accepting of the child, are they good at the sport, and so on. I found it super helpful to have my parents drive me to practice, and be able to talk and conversate before and after practice. And after all, here I am going on my fourth professional year. Anyways, I agree that every child should be part of a sports team at some point for at least two to four years, even just to develop some motoric skills. Anyways, I agree 100% that every child should enroll in a sports team for at least 2-4 years just to develop some motoric skills and move the body.

  2. I agree so much with this post Christy. My kids always joined sports teams and individual activities as well. The teamwork really does teach them how to get along in this world full of different people. It takes time to maneuver the society in which we live!

  3. petespringerauthor

    Yes, a hundred times over for all of this. I’ll add that it forces a child to value their time more and learn to be self-disciplined. Sports changed our son’s life (not because he was a star athlete, by any means.) He is now trying to impart those same lessons as a college football coach.

    1. I think one of the best things adults can do is model the behaviour they want in their kids. I don’t play sports, but I do train regularly, and this means that the kids I teach have a model of an adult who cares about sport, exercise, relationships etc. Live the dream by demonstrating it yourself.

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