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How to find a unique engagement ring

Unique engagement ring

Engagement rings come in all different styles. While the classic solitaire ring remains popular, this traditional design isn’t for everyone. Opting for something unique will help to make your ring stand out. Below are a few tips for buying a unique engagement ring for your forever partner.

Up your budget

Many of the cheapest rings are pretty generic in design. Being willing to pay more for a ring could get you access to more unusual ring shapes and stones.

Take your time to check out some of the best jewelry stores to find unique rings from big jewelry brands. Many of these rings are likely to be a lot rarer than what you may find in a regular store.

It’s worth checking out online stores as these can be cheaper than physical stores while offering a lot more range. In these cases, upping your budget will usually still help when accessing more unique rings, if you’re able to do so.

Shop vintage for a unique engagement ring

Consider whether your partner wants a modern ring or whether they’d be equally happy with a vintage ring. An older ring is likely to have a unique story behind it and may have a more unusual design than what is current now. On top of this, vintage rings can be a lot cheaper than brand new rings.

You’ll find vintage rings in many high street jewelry stores. It’s worth also checking out second-hand stores that may have jewelry sections.

Consider a custom ring

Nowadays, there are many companies that allow you to manufacture a bespoke ring. That allows you to personalize the design of the ring exactly to your partner’s preferences. You can then be certain that it will be unique.

Just be wary that custom rings can take a few weeks to manufacture and deliver to you. It is, therefore, a good idea to order it a month or two before you plan to propose to ensure that you receive the stunning ring in time.

Try different metals

Gold and silver are the two popular choices for engagement rings. But you don’t have to choose either of these metals; there are several other options.

Palladium, titanium, and tungsten are just a few alternative metals. These metals can be cheaper than gold and silver, while also being very durable.

They are also much more likely to be hypoallergenic than gold and silver. While pure gold and pure silver are hypoallergenic, most affordable rings are made from an alloy containing some copper, so they can cause reactions. Consider exploring some of the alternatives.

For a unique engagement ring, look at different stones

There are so many different styles of diamonds. Some have intricate unique cuts, and some are slightly colored.

You can also buy rings with multiple diamonds. Be sure to take the time to explore these different styles.

Of course, you don’t have to opt for a diamond. While it may be the classic stone of choice, more people are choosing alternative colored stones like amethysts, morganites, and aquamarines. These ones can often be cheaper than diamond rings while adding a sparkling pop of color.

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  1. How about a ring from the family? It could be an aunt, great aunt, grandmother, second or third cousin….. a ring hoarded in the family archives… so to speak. A ring almost forgotten, unused, but could shine anew in the sun of love.

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