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How to care for a sick dog

Care for a sick dog

Dogs are part of the family, and as such, when they fall ill, it can be devastating and stressful. Unfortunately, dogs cannot tell you what is hurting or when they feel sick. It is up to you and your family to recognize the signs and behaviors when your canine is trying to communicate they are not feeling well. Once that happens, then knowing how to care for a sick dog properly is also good knowledge to have.

Signs a dog is sick

Animals cannot talk and therefore cannot communicate when they feel unwell. That is why it is up to the owners to recognize when their dog may be sick. A few typical signs and behaviors can clue a person to a possible illness within their dog.

The most common and clear sign a dog is sick is when they are vomiting or has diarrhea. Those two things call for an immediate call to the vet.

However, it is often the first symptom that arises in a dog when something else happens. Although the problem can also be as simple as they ate something foul and it upset their stomach, it is still a good idea to contact the vet.

A loss of appetite and a change in their drinking habits can also show illness. Dogs are very routine creatures, so when their patterns surrounding food and drink change, it can be a clue to call the vet. Furthermore, someone who has a dog knows their personality well, and when that personality changes, it may also hint that something is going on.

Other issues, such as coughing, hair loss, itching a lot, stiffness, limping, pale gums, or changes in the eyes also call for a call to the veterinarian. If any of these things happen, a visit to the vet may be necessary so they can receive proper care.

Caring for a sick dog

Once the vet visit has happened, and the dog has been diagnosed with some form of illness, the next thing to know is how to care for your sick pet. But, no matter what the diagnosis ends up being, there are some everyday things you can do for your beloved canine.

For example, a sick dog may not have the needed energy to groom itself properly. Therefore, it will be up to you or another member of the family to keep the dog clean. It is also vital that the animal is comfortable. Give them proper bedding to reduce the risk of becoming sore or injuring themselves further.

Attending to a dog’s medical needs is essential, no matter the diagnosis. Vet visits can be expensive and financial assistance with vet bills may be worth looking into, especially if you don’t have pet insurance. also, maintaining a pet’s quality of life is critical when they are sick, especially when they become elderly.

A few last words

Overall, whether a dog is sick for a short time or if they are terminally ill, giving them the best care possible is crucial. It is costly and time-consuming to care for a sick dog, but they are such a vital part of the family that they are definitely worth it.

4 thoughts on “How to care for a sick dog”

  1. Our little ‘Beau’, an eleven year old Papillon was having sneezing attacks recently. We took him to our vet who, after examination, diagnosed a possible infection due to a tooth that will probably need removal. He is now on antibiotics for another seven days.
    Yes, Christy, they are a valuable part of the family. We adore him and will always do what is best..

    1. He is doing so much better, Christy. The vet has suggested another course of antibiotics. We are going to wait for a few days to see how he fares… We adore him!

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