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Is a career in luxury travel right for you? 5 benefits

Luxury travel career

Do you spend hours scouring the Internet for travel inspirations? Are your friends baffled by your global know-how? Or do you love travelling to new places and feeling like a pioneer as you explore off-the-beaten-path destinations, eat delicious foods, and discover new experiences? If so, then a career in luxury travel may be worth considering. Here are five reasons women should consider a career in luxury travel.

1. Flexibility

Even though a nine-to-five job with a fixed schedule allows better stability and predictability, many would now prefer flexible work options that offer a better work-life balance. Luckily, with today’s advent of communication technology, the workplace landscape is changing and adapting rapidly.

You will now find many luxury travel company jobs offering a four-day workweek and remote work option with the opportunity to work at home or anywhere else in the world. With its huge variety of job roles and 24-hour operation, the luxury hotel industry is leading the way in implementing flexible working practices in the travel and tourism industry.

Many of these companies encourage flexible working to retain staff. Besides, no company would ever want to lose good employees simply because they wanted to work in a slightly different pattern.

Other factors that drive companies to implement flexible working are employee loyalty and motivation. If combined with retention, these can lead to significant savings in recruitment costs.

2. A career in luxury travel: Get to use your creativity

If you think creativity is only for artists, you better think again. People use creativity at work every day, and those working in the luxury travel industry are no exception. If you want to be well-compensated for your creative skills, you should consider a career in luxury travel.

While working in luxury travel sounds glamorous, many challenges come with it, like any profession. Thus, creativity and problem-solving skills are essential if you work in this industry.

It’s never easy to deal with clients experiencing issues while travelling, especially big spenders who will only expect to receive excellent service. Being creative can help you look for the best solutions to address these issues. Sure, working as a luxury travel agent is sometimes stressful, but you get to do different tasks every day, and these would require you to tap into your creative skills.

By thinking differently, creative employees help luxury travel companies look for new opportunities to grow and thrive in a highly competitive market. Creative employees will not only do what they are asked, but they will also show commitment and proactivity to explore other opportunities.

So, if you find brainstorming sessions to be exciting and work on a plan from concept to competition, consider a career in luxury travel. Below are more reasons to consider a luxury travel career.

3. Variety of job opportunities

Although being a travel agent is the most common role that you can take up in the travel industry, you are not only limited to this role. In fact, there is a wide variety of opportunities awaiting women in this industry.

If you love to travel and be on the front screen, a travel presenter could be a better-suited job for you. Being a travel presenter in the luxury travel industry allows you to travel to exciting destinations and look for unique stories and experiences to tell.

Meanwhile, people who love to write and share their experiences should consider working as a luxury travel blogger. However, luxury travel blogging requires you to have enough funds to sustain the living and travel expenses that come with the job before you can start generating revenue.

The most common job for those seeking to work in the luxury travel industry is being a flight attendant. However, it’s important to know that working as a flight attendant is not that easy. Given the constant travel and overnight layovers, you have to be physically and mentally prepared to cope with the exhaustion.

4. This career brings luxurious travel opportunities

The most obvious benefit of working in luxury travel is the opportunity to travel. In fact, this is the main reason why many people will consider the possibility of taking up a career in the travel industry.

It’s the kind of industry that could take you to many exciting places with the opportunity to experience different things you never thought you would in life. Depending on the role you want to take, you could get paid to travel the world.

Even if travelling is not directly part of your tasks, you will find you can receive many travel perks if you are working in the industry and decide to take a holiday. And with travelling comes the benefits of learning about some parts of the world that many people won’t be lucky enough to see.

Some luxury travel operators offer their staff concessions during their holidays. This is a well-known perk of the industry. Many luxury travel companies allow their staff to experience and be familiar with the products and services they are selling, such as luxury hotels, cruises, and tours.

5. The industry is becoming more diverse

The luxury travel industry is becoming more diverse, with many senior women taking leadership roles. You can help with decision-making that redefines the current industry.

Diversity is very important in the travel industry. If there is one thing that travellers are looking for at every stage of their holiday experience, it is authenticity. They would prefer to deal with people who have local expertise as part of the booking process and would want to be immersed in the local culture as they explore a new country. If issues arose during or after their trip, they wanted someone real and knowledgeable to help them out.

A travel company with low diversity is less appealing to luxury travellers with high spending power. It is not a good representation of the company and the products they are trying to sell to luxury travellers. The lack of diversity undermines the credibility of luxury travel companies who claim to be “in touch” with what travellers want to experience and the destinations they will take them to.

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