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The best tech leaders: How 3 women are achieving digital transformation

Women tech leaders

The technology industry is often thought of as a man’s world. However, many women are leading successful tech businesses and helping them achieve digital transformation. These women have led the digital transformation revolution and have proven what it takes to lead their businesses through digital transformation. They are innovative, strategic thinkers who understand the importance of technology in today’s world. Hopefully, their stories will inspire other women to pursue careers in technology!

1. Fumbi Chima

Fumbi Chima is the Global Chief Information Officer of Adidas (at the time of publishing this post). She is currently the Global Chief Information Officer of BECU and ambassador for Innovate UK (UK government agency for Innovation and Research).

Chima has been responsible for all aspects of information management, technology, and digital services across Adidas’ global business. In this role, technology is an enabler to understand, anticipate and serve the customer.

She has played a significant role in helping Adidas achieve digital transformation by creating aligned incentives and being ready to pivot. She repeats the process because she believes you’re never done.

Under her leadership, the company launched a strategy that resulted in faster throughput of superior products that are more personalized and more responsive to the customer. The flexibility of the new model also gives Adidas the ability to pivot, which is critical when the world is changing so rapidly.

She is passionate about helping other women achieve their full potential in the tech industry. Chima has been quoted as saying, “Stay humble. It’s a journey. There is no real success or failure.”

2. Debra Bailey

Debra Bailey is the Chief Information Officer at O2, one of the largest telecommunications companies in Europe. She believes “Everything you do in IT has to support a business outcome.”

In her role at O2, Bailey is responsible for all aspects of information management, technology, and digital services across the company. She does so by understanding the business challenges, automating business processes from end-to-end, and building with the future in mind.

Debra has been instrumental in helping O2 achieve digital transformation. She has led the development of several innovative initiatives by unifying technology and businesses to help digitally connect customers.

Under her leadership, after less than a year of the new operating model, O2 has already hit its target of a 10% lift in speed-to-value, is on track to beat 2022’s target of 25%, and has a massive target of 75% by 2024.

3. Fiona Deans

Fiona is the Director-General at Government Digital Service (GDS) in the UK. GDS is a government agency that leads and coordinates digital transformation across the British government.

Fiona is known for her dedication to the user experience and has spoken about how important it is to put the user first, raise your people up, and look after your data. She said, “When you really have to get something done, people make it happen.”

In other words, we need to shift our mindset and focus on what the user wants and needs, not on what we think they need. This initiative aims to increase trust in the government during the Coronavirus pandemic and Brexit.

Under Fiona’s leadership, GDS has successfully delivered several high-profile digital projects, such Government-as-a-Platform—a set of shared digital components made to avoid duplication and support delivery. Many texting citizens were using GOV.UK Notify as it had a 700% spike in demand. There’s also GOV.UK Verify, which supported the verification of identities for Universal Credit.

Her work at GDS has been pivotal in the UK government’s successful digital transformation journey over the past few years. It’s no wonder she’s on this list!


It’s clear that many talented women in the tech industry have helped their organizations digitally transform. Their passion for technology and dedication to the user experience is evident in everything they do, and they continue to be an inspiration to others in the tech industry.

This list has highlighted only a few of these inspiring women and their accomplishments when it comes to helping businesses achieve digital transformation. Hopefully their stories will motivate and inspire other business owners who strive to make their companies more digitally savvy.

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