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8 virtual date ideas to try

Virtual date ideas

Having a great date night from the comfort of your home IS possible with these fantastic virtual plans. Whether you are still social distancing or in a long-distance relationship, these ideas are sure to make your romantic evening more fun than just a tennis match of texting back and forth.

1. Have a cinema date

Watching a movie together is a classic date idea. And it does not need to change just because you’re not in the same room. Technology today provides picture viewing. This free online dating idea gives thanks to apps such as Teleparty and Zoom, so you can watch a movie and chat together simultaneously.

2. Try a wine tasting or mixology night

Buy a couple of small bottles of wine and discuss the flavors with your date by phone or video. Wine tasting is a great way to keep the conversations and drink flowing. You can also try to make both of your favorite cocktails or mocktails, transforming your living room into a mini home bar while you get to know each other.

3. Cook a meal together

Nothing gets much better than a good home-cooked dinner. Buy the same ingredients as your date and you can both try to make an identical meal, enjoying your food over a conversation and video call. If you aren’t confident in your chef skills, you could both order food from similar cuisines in your areas and pretend it’s a night on the town.

4. More date ideas: Take a virtual tour

Get to know your date’s favorite places with a virtual walk. Put on Google Maps street view, share your screen, and stroll around just as you would hand in hand. Of course, though, do this safely without disclosing your location to a stranger. You can show your date the parks you enjoy, a town’s architecture, or even turn on vacation mode and reveal your favorite holiday destinations.

5. Make some artwork

Pick up a canvas and some paints to follow an online art tutorial. You and your date could possibly opt to make different pieces, allowing you to gift them to one another when you meet up in person.

6. Other date ideas: Play virtual games

Perhaps you are dating someone new or spending an evening with a long-term partner. Either way, games are always a great idea. You can play video games and use a headset to chat together. Even if you aren’t physically in the same room, the competition can still get heated virtually. Jackbox Games has two-player options like Gibbage and Trivia Murder Party, and Playing Cards has synchronized games, such as Go Fish and chess.

7. Start a book club

Whether it is just you and your person or even a double date, reading a book and discussing it is a great way to get the conversation rolling. It adds an element of excitement leading up to the occasion, as you both get to prepare some notes and discuss them.

8. Learn something new together

A fantastic option for online dating is to pick up a new skill. Learn a new language, start cross-stitching, become juggling experts, you name it. Encourage each other and have fun along the way for a super fun and unique date.

Cozy up and try these great dating ideas if you have already found that special someone. Though, if not, online dating is a brilliant way to meet a partner. Not to mention that it also allows for these brilliant virtual activities. There is no excuse not to bask in the vast number of other singletons looking for love. These days, the best dating sites cater to every niche and interest with examples like Christian dating websites, Asian dating sites, Vegan only platforms, and many more.

So what are you waiting for? Go and date, find your soulmate!

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