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5 DIY stencil decor ideas for the home

Stencil decor ideas

Whether you need to spruce up your house or just want a craft to do with the kids, stencil decor is a great idea! Using stencils to create home decor is a great activity for the whole family that will leave you with a cute item when finished. Every time you see the cute item you can think of precious family memories. Here are five DIY stencil decor ideas for your home.

1. Welcome sign

A welcome sign for your front porch is an easy DIY. Simply take an old reclaimed wood board and paint the word “welcome” in your favorite color using stencils. This will greet your guests as they approach your home, as well as be a fun craft for you to complete.

2. House numbers

House numbers are essential and often required to be visible from the street—but no one said they cannot be cute! Stencil house numbers onto glass jugs, wood slices, or a metal sign to create a unique way to display your numbers. Use number stencils, as well as ornate decor stencils, to create the painted house numbers.

3. Flowerpot stencil decor ideas

This is a great DIY for you and your kids! Simply pick out some plain pots at the local craft store and use stencils to paint your favorite pictures on them. One of the best ways to clean stencils after using them is to soak them in warm soapy water and gently scrub with a soft brush. This is a great inexpensive craft for sprucing up your plant’s pots, as well as making memories.

4. Doormat stencil decor ideas

Doormats are great for welcoming guests into your home. Make your doormat unique and customized to you using doormat stencils. Paint your favorite quote or something simple on a plain doormat to greet your guests.

Maybe you will have different stencils for different seasons, much like many people do with door wreaths. Both doormats and wreaths can make the outside of your home more inviting.

5. A wall mural

While not an individual decor item, a stenciled wall mural is a DIY that is great for feature walls or kids’ rooms. Whether it be a unique pattern for your living room feature wall or a cartoon character for the playroom, this is a fun activity that will leave you looking at beautiful art for years to come.

Concluding thoughts on stencil decor for the home

If you decide to do more significant upgrades or renovations to your front porch, check if you need a building permit first. No matter which decor or project you decide to take on, you will surely create memories and a beautiful new feature for your home.

Are you a stencils fan? What would you create with stencils for your home? Do you have a favorite from the list above?

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