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Let your kids play in the dirt: Here’s why

Why let your kids play in dirt

It’s understandable that many parents cringe when seeing a child jumping into a big pile of mud because it means having to clean them up later. However, there are many reasons to let your kids play in the dirt. Here are the top benefits, and how you can get the balance just right.

It boosts their immune system

When a child plays in the dirt, it teaches their immune system how to get better. And this could be key as they grow up.

Of course, there are times when you cannot allow them to play in dirty environments; for example, when in the bathroom. Also, it’s important to remember that something like brushing their teeth should not be unhygienic, even if your child tries to eat some dirt! But, you can get around this by using a Bril toothbrush sanitizer and practicing healthy bathroom hygiene.

It’s important for your kids to get dirty, as per this list. But, they also need to know how to clean up properly.

Reduce the chances of developing allergies

As playing in the dirt can strengthen their immune system, this means that they are being exposed to allergens. So, the body becomes accustomed to them.

This is one of the main reasons that families with pets are less likely to develop allergies. Being exposed to it is a massive part of this.

Let your kids play in the dirt to lower stress

When children are allowed to play outdoors, it can greatly relieve any feelings of stress and anxiety. While parents may feel somewhat frustrated that they are jumping in the mud and dirt, remember that you don’t have to make it an everyday activity.

Perhaps you allow them to do this once a week, and they have a proper wash in the bath afterwards. This special playtime is crucial for their abilities to cope with stress in the long run.

If you’re telling them off for jumping in the mud all the time, you might find they start to associate jumping in the mud with stress. Over time, they may have issues with being overly hygienic.

It’s fun!

Playing in the dirt can boost their mood, and playing in the dirt is fun too! When they spend more time outside, it’s going to expose them to more vitamin D and will help them feel calmer in the long run.

And while they are outdoors, they will have a closer relationship with nature. This is where something like grounding is crucial for helping your children to be calmer as individuals.

A few last words on letting your kids play in the dirt

You might be a stickler for great oral hygiene and hygiene in general, but you need to give your little ones the opportunity to get dirty every now and then because of the reasons mentioned above. In fact, you could learn a lot from it too!

Jumping around the grass and getting dirty sometimes is something that can help young kids, teens, and adults. After all, it doesn’t take long for us to wash and get clean afterward! So, jumping around in the mud once a week could make a massive difference, in a good way.

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  1. Playing in the dirt, rolling in the grass, climbing trees, etc., are all a part of my happy childhood memories. Your reasons to allow little ones to play in the dirt are all good ones, Christy. I am also glad that we grew up with pets in our family. My parents were great!

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