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Technology in learning: Why it’s increasingly important

Technology in learning

The way in which we learn has undergone somewhat of a technological revolution in the last decade. The internet, smartphones, and other technologies have made it possible to study from anywhere, at any time, without missing out on the learning experience.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of traditional education providers, such as universities, were forced to rapidly adopt remote learning methods. That became a viable way to prevent students from falling behind in their studies.

However, the speed at which this change needed to happen meant many educational institutions had to put ad-hoc systems in place quickly. That happened without being able to really assess the options out there given the lack of time.

Hybrid and remote learning is not seen as an important part of access to education and the educational experience. But the technology to run and manage the process needs to be fit for purpose.

Epiphan Video, a leading provider of AV hardware and cloud services, has produced a very interesting infographic on their ecosystem of hardware products that lecture streaming, capture, and administration. It provides an end-to-end solution for schools, universities, and colleges that don’t currently have the right infrastructure in place to roll out this style of learning on a large scale.

This reduces the need for ad-hoc systems that can be cumbersome to manage. Instead, this turnkey solution is easy for students, faculty, and administrators to manage, all backed up by a great support system.

Infographic Design By Epiphan Video Epiphan Video

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