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Fear of doctors? How to overcome it (and why)

Fear of doctors

Fear of the doctors can make just stepping into a medical office unsettling. If you worry about hearing bad news, getting older, or being around by medical equipment, you’re not alone. Many people share this anxiety. But, that doesn’t make how you feel any less stressful. Below are reasons to try to overcome your fear of doctors, and tips to do so.

Reasons to overcome your fear of the doctor

There are many reasons why you should go to the doctor. For instance, there are various Generic/Naked conditions that could be left unattended. If they do, they could develop and become more of an issue.

Additionally, the fewer visits you make to the doctors, the worse an underlying condition could become. When a condition gets severe, it could be life-threatening.

Or, the condition could become more difficult to live with. Your healthcare costs will likely increase as you will require more treatment.

How to overcome your fear of the doctor

Overcoming your worries can be easier than you think. Although it may be an issue that you have dealt with for years, taking on these tips will help reduce your anxiety and make the situation easier.

1. Speak to your doctor

Improving doctor-patient communication is easier if you tell them your worries. When they know how you feel, they will do everything they can to make you feel comfortable.

2. Bring a comfort item

If you have a comfort item that typically works to reduce your anxiety, bring it with you to the doctor’s surgery. Having the item with you will give you something to focus and rely on, which will reduce your stress.

It could be a soft toy, photograph, or stress ball. Bring it with you so that you feel more at ease attending the appointment.

3. See a therapist

If your doctor-related anxiety is hard to overcome, consider speaking with a therapist. They are trained to help with reducing stress and anxiety in certain situations.

This professional will likely offer you coping mechanisms that you can use pre and post-appointment. A common coping mechanism is deep breathing.

If you struggle to focus on your breath, you might want to put on headphones. That way, you can focus on yourself and lose the sense of your surroundings when sitting in the waiting room.

4. Request a shorter wait time if you fear doctors

Sitting in the doctor’s waiting room is often the time that people’s nerves and anxiety spike. Thus, if you know that this is your trigger, speak to the medical team so that they can reduce your waiting time.

5. Bring a friend

You should never let your doctor-related anxiety get in the way of your health. Try not to let it prevent you from attending appointments.

If it does, ask a friend or family member to go with you. They will hold you accountable for going to the appointment, which means you can’t back out at the last minute.

Plus, they will be there to support you and take your mind off of it. That will reduce the nerves.

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