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6 tips to feel more confident at the gym

More confident at the gym

As more sports facilities open up again, you might want to return to the place where you once worked out. Or, you might sign up for a new fitness membership to take off any extra pounds put on during the pandemic. It’s natural to feel nervous, excited, and even anxious about heading to the gym. With that being said, it’s more than possible to feel more confident at the gym when you take the right steps.

1. Be confident in what you wear

Make sure that you are dressing comfortably for whatever exercise you are doing. That’s more important than wearing the trendiest gear.

Rather than worrying so much about looking the part, wear what puts you at ease. If you don’t feel supported, though, this can work against you. So, it makes sense to invest in a padded sports bra.

2. Learn how to use equipment

If you want to work out comfortably, make sure you understand how to use the equipment at the gym. Before you even go there, try and familiarize yourself with what is available and also know which muscle groups you want to work on. Then you’ll know which machines are best for your work out there.

Head to those machines to get the most effective workout for your goals, whether it’s building muscle, losing weight, training for a marathon, or something else. If you can do that, there’s no reason at all why you can’t be more confident at the gym while maximizing your time there.

3. Plan your workout

Make an exercise plan and stick with it. It’s also a good idea for you to have a plan for today as well, such as working on your abs.

Then, tomorrow you might work your quads. The day after that, it’s your arms. Either way, if you go to the gym with a set plan, it will help you stick to the workout.

This approach can make the day feel a bit more structured too. This sense of security can help with your mental health.

4. Ignoring everyone to be more confident at the gym

Never try and compare yourself to others. Instead, remember that everyone who goes to the gym will have their own goals and that you do not need to try and keep up with anyone at all.

If you are nervous about using weights, ask the staff at the gym to show you the best practices. That can prevent an injury, as well as help you feel more confident at the gym.

Start out light and then gradually build up from there if you have little-to-no experience with using weights. Always check with your doctor before starting your fitness plan is well-suited for your unique needs and medical history.

5. Workout with someone else

Consider taking someone with you to the gym. That might relax you, whether it’s a friend, partner, daughter, or another person.

Something about having the support of somebody you know can make you worry less about your surroundings. It can also help you to have way more fun and get a lot out of your workout.

6. Feel more confident at the gym with a personal trainer

Personal trainers are ideal if you want to boost your confidence while at the gym. They can show you how to use the equipment and also work with you to ensure that you are entirely comfortable.

Plus, it’s tough to skip a workout when a trainer is counting on you being there. They help to hold you accountable for your fitness-related goals.

14 thoughts on “6 tips to feel more confident at the gym”

  1. My husband and I generally go together to the gym which is fun. There is no way to look like a 20-year-old any longer. Those days are far in the rear view mirror. Ha! I do not worry about it.

  2. A great post, Christy. Yes, it’s hard to do this on your own. Thankfully, I found dance!
    But, for those who truly want to go to a gym, this is wonderful advice.

  3. petespringerauthor

    The main thing I’ve found is to just get out there and do it. Show up and be disciplined. I look at going to the gym like a good habit, similar to brushing your teeth. I especially like your advice not to compare yourself with others as that’s not a fair comparison. Instead, compare your new self to your former self. There is no better feeling than to realize that you feel stronger, better, and healthier.

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