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Top reasons to attend a virtual career fair in college

Virtual career fair in college

Thinking of attending a virtual career fair in college? Here’s why it makes sense for students.

What is a virtual career fair?

A virtual career fair is the digital counterpart of a traditional job fair. Job seekers and recruiters meet in a virtual space and exchange information about job opportunities that lead to a series of emails or interviews or even on-the-spot job offers.

Technologies like videoconferencing, chatrooms, webcasts, and emails have bridged the gap between candidates and employers during the COVID-19 pandemic. It has allowed communication to continue, all while practicing social distancing to prevent the spread of the virus.

A virtual job fair for colleges during the recruitment season is a promising opportunity for college students to explore the job market and have the first-hand experience of the circuit. Moreover, in the pandemic, employers are considering virtual job fairs as a critical element in their hiring strategy.

Thus, virtual job fairs are becoming all the more indispensable as experts predict a major digital shift in the recruitment process of organizations. It is no wonder that everyone wants to be a part of it, from trade associations and organizations to employment agencies and universities.

Why attending a virtual job fair as a college student makes sense

It can be intimidating for new graduates and first-time job seekers to find the right employment opportunities for themselves. Many colleges conduct virtual career fairs during the recruiting season.

There are several reasons for college students to attend these virtual fairs. Here are the top four:

1. Virtual career fairs can be intensively targeted

Taking the event digital means that employers can scrutinize the resumes and qualifications before the event even happens. That means employers can conduct a screening that ensures that fresh graduates meet the set qualifications, so as not to waste anyone’s time.

They will then also get the attention they deserve. That helps students as virtual career fairs can narrow down your search for a great job, all while completing your in-person or distance education.

2. Get great exposure to the inner industrial circuit

College students often don’t have strong connections to employers. That can make it tough to get a resume to reach a hiring manager.

Virtual job fairs are a significant advantage in this case. They allow you to virtually meet the recruiters and make a positive first impression, leading to email exchanges and web interviews.

3. Potential for less bias of candidates

Unfortunately, job seekers may face hidden biases, even with AI algorithms. That can lead to poor hiring decisions that hurt both the new employee and the employer.

While the online method of interviewing won’t eliminate bias, it has the potential to reduce it when employers start with telephone conversations first. That can combat biases related to physical appearance or body language.

Digital spaces like chat rooms without cameras also mitigate any biases. That way, interviewers can focus on the accomplishments of candidates, rather than judging them based on appearance, gender, age, and other characteristics.

4. More affordable and convenient than traditional job fairs

Technology has mitigated the distance between employers and jobseekers to a great extent. They can now encounter each other all from the comfort of a desk and in a much more accessible way.

The pandemic affected economy has compelled organizations and universities to look forward to more affordable virtual job fairs. This can be both cheap and easier to attend.

Final words

In times of crisis, the world is adapting to the situation, and technology has incredibly facilitated the process. Organizations looking forward to recruiting candidates are tremendously benefitting from virtual career fairs because it reduces the costs incurred to conduct the event.

A virtual job fair for colleges is a significant step forward towards the world with more accessible employment opportunities. Is it something that you would consider attending?

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