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5 reasons why telehealth counseling is here to stay

Telehealth counseling

Telehealth continues to change healthcare delivery across North America. Countless doctors, from oncologists to therapists, benefit from seeing patients in a virtual setting rather than face-to-face. This technology ensured health care during the global pandemic was delivered efficiently while cutting down on in-person interactions that could lead to the spread of COVID-19. However, many experts believe this was just the beginning, and telehealth therapy will continue to expand in the coming years. What are some benefits of telehealth counseling?

1. Repeat visits

Many patients attend one visit with a therapist and never return. If you look online, the research puts the number of patients who only see a counselor once at anywhere between 20 and 60 percent.

Nobody can say for sure why this is the case, but a number of theories have been proposed over the years. Some counselors believe their patients don’t like dealing with traffic or parking at the office, they cannot find the office or struggle to leave their home.

Crowded waiting rooms and the fear of being seen by others hold many people back from attending regular counseling sessions. A person might not want to miss work or could be uncomfortable in unfamiliar settings. These problems are eliminated when a person works with the best telehealth services for counseling.

2. Telehealth counseling provides consistency

Consistency remains key to successful counseling. However, life interferes with many appointments.

A person might find they have to work late or their babysitter didn’t show up. Bad weather accounts for some missed visits, as does illness. When a person takes part in telehealth counseling sessions, many of these obstacles disappear.

Any disruption in the client’s routine can lead to an increase in their symptoms, which is why the telehealth option is beneficial. The patient finds it easier to attend virtual sessions, regardless of where they are or what they are dealing with.

Furthermore, virtual visits allow patients to continue with the same therapist even if they relocate to another city or state. However, clients need to show up on time for each visit and be honest with the counselor at all times. This consistency helps in the healing process.

3. Extended reach of telehealth counseling

Thanks to telehealth, counselors reach more people in need. For instance, those who can’t make it to the counselor’s office due to transportation issues have access to the mental health care they need.

The same holds for an individual with a physical disability that prevents them from traveling, and someone in a rural area with no local counselors. It is also convenient for a person whose work schedule prevents them from seeing a counselor.

4. No waiting room

Many individuals see a counselor for anxiety or another mental illness. Being made to sit in a waiting room can exacerbate their condition. The increased stimulation may interfere with their ability to speak to the counselor.

They spend a large portion of the appointment trying to calm down. Telehealth visits allow them to get the help they need in a familiar setting that makes them feel safe.

5. No germs

People may worry about catching something when they visit a doctor’s office. An individual with anxiety is dealing with a weakened immune system thanks to the constant stress they are under.

They don’t want to catch something while visiting their counselor in person or possibly spreading germs to others if they may be sick. Telehealth visits pose no health threat, as the client speaks to the counselor from their home.

A few last words on telehealth counseling

If you need counseling but have been holding back, now is the time to look into online therapy. The process benefits countless individuals across the globe.

Counselors may be able to help you as well, but you won’t know until you try. Consider checking out this healthcare option today.

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  1. All good reasons for telehealth! It could be good for any medical condition and convenient. My primary care physician office provided that option during the pandemic. Good reminder for another way for people to get help!

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