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How to find the best gaming laptop on a budget

Gaming laptop, budget-friendly

For many avid gamers, searching high and low for a PC with the best specs is simply part of the fun. However, the cost of parts can quickly add up, especially when you start your custom build from scratch. Sometimes, the desktop is not a viable option for those who want something portable. Thankfully, many modern gaming laptops provide an all-encompassing package, potentially making it ideal for anyone wanting to game on the go without sacrificing quality. Here are some important points to consider when searching for the best gaming laptop on a budget.

A dedicated GPU

To get the highest possible quality of graphics, a dedicated GPU is essential. As opposed to one integrated into the CPU, that is.

Unfortunately, the graphics processing unit can be a prominent factor in driving the overall price upwards. But, if you want to play the latest releases without having to sacrifice the quality of the experience, it is a must-have.

Many of the best value-for-money gaming laptops, such as Acer’s Nitro 5 range, tend to come with the Nvidia GTX graphics card, which differs widely in price and quality. Since upgrading the GPU on a gaming laptop is impossible in many cases, going for the highest quality you can afford at the time can help you get the most value.

This strategy will also mean it can handle the latest games for as long as possible. That’s terrific news for extending the longevity and usefulness of the laptop, which takes your purchase further.


When you initially begin the search for your new machine, consider whether you will immediately need the extra memory storage available in many models. This is because a lot of extra memory can quickly drive the price up.

In many cases, you can upgrade the storage options later through additional HDD slots. Thus, you can spend a bit now and more later, when you have more funds.

The lack of upgradeability on many traditional gaming laptops can turn people away. Thankfully, several modern releases are ones you can upgrade, which is great. Many models offer upgrade compatibility for RAM and SSD.

If you want to add to your current model or find out where to source individual parts, you might be able to find the components you need through Octopart API pricing.

RAM for the best gaming laptop on a budget

To get the most functionality out of your games as an advanced female esports player or for recreation, it is worth sourcing a laptop that possesses at least 8GB worth of RAM. Upgrading to the 16GB version can be expensive but also rewarding for anyone who wants to run excessively demanding games.

Currently, many of the most popular games will be able to run relatively flawlessly on 8GB, however. So, it is worth thinking about which games you want to play to help determine how much RAM will do.

It can be hard to define which games will run on which system. That’s because they often tend to differ immensely in their requirements. Thinking about which kind of games you plan to play (RPGs, MMOs, FPS) is something to factor into your buying decision.

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  1. Ashen Dissanayke

    Well validated points. The Upgradeability factors is specifically true when considering SSD for speed boosts. Got an Acer Aspire 5 recently and already regretting not upgrading for a 256GB SSD, Got a dedicated GPU though… Gaming is pretty decent

  2. For the first time, my brother had bought a desktop computer again. His reasoning was plausible, because laptops can only be upgraded to a limited extent, and at great expense. He mainly does 3D visualization, while my old Linux boxes are enough for me. ;-) Michael

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