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5 fun ways to decorate your kid’s playroom

Decorate your kid's playroom

Are you searching for ideas for how to decorate your kid’s playroom? Making it a fun area where they’ll want to spend time, as well as being one that instills creativity and encourages development, is a great idea. They’ll love having their own space in the house, plus as they get older you can change it to meet their needs. While it can cost a bit of money to get an ultra space, you can do many things DIY and, remember, your kid is worth the investment!

Putting creativity to the test

Decorating a kid’s room is the real test of your creative imagination. But it’s something that you can do with your child and partner, which makes it a great family bonding activity.

Be sure to get your little one’s input along the way as it’s their playroom after all. When you ask them what they want, use questions that get to the heart of it, such as:

  • What are your favorite dolls?
  • Do you like drawing?
  • What about a place for the pet here too?

It’ll boost their confidence to help you with the planning as you decorate the kid’s playroom. Oh, and make sure it’s in their favorite colors!

It’s a separate room for them too, which makes them feel more grown-up. All while you can still keep your eye on their activities, right?!

It’ll be a fun space that inspires their imagination. Focus on the things your child loves, such as Minecraft designs or Barbie room décor, and it should grow with your kids. Tons of kid’s room decorating ideas exist, but here are five unique and fun ones for you.

Decorate your kid’s playroom with their artwork

A child’s playland should be an expression of all forms of creativity. Let your child have a free hand at depicting their art on the room’s walls. Or, get a wall stencil and put their names on the walls. Another idea is to make the theme of the room what they are enthralled with, such as trains.

Also, boost your young one’s confidence by displaying their sketches, paintings, and calligraphic art on doors, windows, and walls of the room. Cover a patch on the wall with chalkboard paint and award them free rein to express what themes and styles they want for this living space. A separate room will inspire the youngster’s creative genius, and your encouraging attitude will assist in growing their hidden capabilities!

Make it easy to clean

Yes, that makes sense, right?! While most kids like to have many toys, games, and other decorative tools, it’s best not to have a messy environment. Clutter not only looks bad but also has a negative effect on the mind.

The last thing you want it to be hurting your child with this approach to their room, so simplify it however you can. That way they will be able to clean up after playtime is done without a lot of hassle.

Plus, you’re teaching your children how to clean up, which is a great habit to take into adulthood. Being clean is a good thing, after all.

There must be one or two shelves in the room, as well as cabinets and drawers to put things out of sight. Consider adding clear boxes too so that they see what’s in them.

Oh, and doing finger painting and other craft projects can quickly mess up space. So, consider easy-to-clean flooring options like floor tiles or linoleum.

Rest assured, the playland’s wallpapers can be easy to clean with a sponge if it gets paint, grime, or food on it. Keeping the child’s room clean will be great for everyone in the household.

Create space for books

I loved reading growing up and hope that many of your kids do too. Create a reading nook in this room so that they have a place to read and learn.

I still have some of the books I read as a girl and cherish the memories. Whether you will read to them in the playroom or they’re independently reading already, it’s nice to have the options.

Add a bookshelf or two so that any new books they receive as gifts can go easily onto the shelves. Add a few fun bookends too or make your own.

Enhance comfort with kids rugs

The rugs that stretch out in kids’ rooms fulfill both a decorative and comforting purpose. The skillful artisans craft kids’ rugs keep in mind the kid’s age, choice of colors, styles, and patterns. Would you believe that RugKnots, an online rug store has numerous designs and shapes so you can select the best area carpet for your toddler’s room?

Call your kids to accompany you when you consult online stores about buying soft, durable, and fascinating floor rugs for your little one’s playroom. That way you decide together what will be nice and comfy under their feet.

Get a look that will fit with the overall theme of the space. Perhaps it is a floral rug for a relaxing and serene ambiance. They will love to spend many happy hours in their room rather than moving around the rest of the house. The kid’s rugs also ensure the safety of your child’s feet on the hard floor and warm them up in chilly winter. Encourage the youngster to keep the area carpets clean to maintain their lovely room’s fun and timeless décor.

Integral storage space

Having a family with little kids means a lot of clothes, toys, blankets, and whatever interests them lately. While renovating your sweetie’s room, make sure to add storage cabinets, built-in shelving, and lightweight wicker baskets to put all the child accessories in an organized way.

A child’s room is a great place to carry nicely all of their dolls, games, playthings, and everything that goes with them. Organize a cubby storage wall and encourage your kids to keep their room free of clutter, thus creating a comfortable and healthy interior atmosphere.


Your child’s separate room helps you to develop their independence and instill good habits. Apply all the tips above and make the playroom the most relaxing and inspiring place.

When you visit your kid’s room after it’s all set up, stay there for a while to observe their innocent activities, and it’s sure to bring a smile to your face. Don’t forget to click RugKnots to purchase beautiful area rugs for a playroom and other areas of the home.


Feature photo by Keira Burton from Pexels

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